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TOTAL SHIP SHOW - Pirates & Seamen!

Venue:  Special Event

Event Day:   Friday Aug 26, 2011

Promotion Company:  

Music:   House,

Cover:  $25 advance tickets, more at the door

Dress Code:  


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Arrr, ahoy mateys!

Swab th' poop deck, batten down th' hatches an' get ready fer a Total Ship Show on th' Ottawa River!

On Friday August 26th seven o' ye favourite DJ privateers will walk th' gangplank an' plunder yer ears with beatmatched booty! They be:

DJ Plush
Graham J
Juarez & Disko
Quake & Martin Diotte
Yan Larouche

Yon seaworthy galleon be decked t'the gunwalls with an extra large sound system, enhanced lightin' an' three cash bars fer yo-ho-ho an' a bottle o' rhum!

The theme be Pirates & Seamen so get ship shape fer the high seas with yer best seaworthy costume! Whether coxswain or buccaneer, scallywag or wench, thar'll be plank to walk fer undressed landlubbers! Dead men tell no tales!

So come about, open yer coffers an' set course fer fer online tickets, or get yer bounty from one o' we salty dogs! Only $25 o' yer loot fer five hours o' pillage an' plunder!

Sail ho!
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