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Hype Girl Anet
By: Denny Lee
Date: 2006-03-12 15:39:34
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Name: Anet
Age: 21
Zodiac: Cancer
Background: Polish
Status: single

People Who Inspire You:
For one, I would have to say my parents...they work really hard and I’ve acquired that from them. I’ve learned that working hard pays off to get you where you want to be and to achieve what you want in life. Secondly, I would have to say my best friends. They’re awesome in their own individual ways that I can look up to and admire.

Turn ons: Intelligence, humour, and a nice smile.. Put those three together and I’m all yours!!

Turn offs: Lack of style, stupidity
Words to live by:
"What comes around, goes around"

A guy has to have goals and aspirations in life..very important..without that, there would be no common ground between us!

So you’re single.. What are you looking for in a guy?
For starters, a guy has to have goals and aspirations in life..very important..without that, there would be no common ground between us! Some who is tall is also very important because I’m 5’9" myself. Also, someone who is a few years older than me is good, because I find that I can relate to guys a bit older than me better.

Describe yourself in three words:
Loyal, Independant and Caring

Any hobby’s? What do you like to do in your spare time?
In the summer...I love going to the beach, rollerblading, and camping. Winter... skating is fun, snowboarding (still trying to master that skill) and skiing

Do you have any pet peeves?
Yes, probably too many to list. People who drive too slow, people who are too clingy, commercialsthat air between TV shows/movies,creepy guys at clubs, leaving hang up messages and the list goes on...

Favourite foods? and/or restaurants?
I love sushi! All kinds..I would have to say that’s my favourite. Besides that I love all kinds of chicken and fish. My favourite restaurants right now are Allegro and Blowfish.

Name some things that you would change about yourself.
I would like to be more patient sometimes.. I’m always on the go, and don’t like waiting. I would also change the fact that I can be shy at times..even though I may not seem like it at times.

What would a guy have to do to get a date with you?Well.. for cheesy pick up lines. I like guys who are sincere, nice, honest. If someone wants to talk to me, or go out on a date..just come up and talk to me. I’m a nice person. I dont ask for much...
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