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L'Oreal Fashion Week - Pink Tartan, Pat McDonagh
By: Paul Manio
Date: 2006-03-17 15:39:34
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If there was a superhero for fashion you would name it Pink Tartan. Her costume would be made with sexy plaids, soft velvets and luxurious silks.
Rich maroons, tints of greens, and vibrant blues filled the stage.
Her theme song would be a sleek mix of Stephanie Pompougnac-meets-All Good Funk Alliance. Okay, so maybe she’s not Xena Warrior Princess or Wonderwoman, but Pink Tartan is powerful and bold nonetheless. Providing one of the most eclectic collections for this fall, this line drew a daring move by hindering away from the monotony of solid blacks and whites, which seemed like a recurring bold theme for many of this year’s designers.
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Rich maroons, tints of greens, and vibrant blues filled the stage. It was a sophisticated and alluring equestrian theme that matched riding boots with fitted dress shirts, plaid jockey pants and long overcoats that were brilliantly accented with short flowing silk ties.

Niagara-born Kimberly Newport is the woman behind the mask. The original concept behind Pink Tartan has been simple: "she aimed to design a quality collection that blended sophisticated fashion with feminine details." Her collection shows that she has been accomplishing this goal successfully. Thank you, Kimberley, for saving the season in the name of style.

Pat McDonagh’s line flowed down the runway with a strong emphasis on flowing silks. Her collection was a diverse line that ranged from frilled shirts, furry collars and fitted coats. For this fall, Pat’s vivid color was a strong aubergine.

When sexy clothes were being put on in the runway, clothes were being stripped off at State Theatre’s wild after party. The theme was dirty laundry and it was no coincidence that a laundry machine and bathtub were present on stage for some rubbin’ and scrubbin’.
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