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Sport Compact Nationals
By: Paul Manio
Date: 2006-03-30 15:39:34
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What roof has outlandish automobiles, gorgeous pin up models dressed in sexy bathing suits and is worth over millions of dollars? If you were thinking Hue Heffner’s pad you’re wrong - it’s the Sport Compact Nationals, which happened right here in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre.
Backstage, we hung out with Kardinal Offishal, oops I mean "Kardi" as he is more comfortable with

(click here for photo coverage of this event)

Automobiles were pimped to the tee at this year’s Sport Compact Nationals. Whether it was your average Saturn Ion that looked like one of the Auto-Bots (which would have made Optimus Prime uber jealous) to a limited edition Ferarri - every car model (Hondas, Fords, Cadillacs, Toyotas etc.) was all decked up.

If you thought naked billboards were a distraction when driving, try driving behind the suped up Saturn Ion which had 7 television screens with two 19’ screens on the exterior front of the hood and outside of the trunk!

Backstage, we hung out with Kardinal Offishal, oops I mean "Kardi" as he is more comfortable with and I asked him questions about who he thought the next Much Music VJ was (because he is one of this year’s judges). Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best spot to do an interview as there were many half naked distractions walking about preparing for the bikini contest.

It was a gyrating moment when the ladies took center stage. Import models showed off their own goodies both on stage and off. Francine Dee, queen of import models, allowed us to take some exclusive photos of her during the event.

Don’t miss their next event in Montreal. Visit Sport Compact Nights ( for more details.
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