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L'Oreal Fashion Week - Andy the Anh, David Dixon & SDnR
By: Paul Manio
Date: 2006-03-16 15:39:34
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Andy the Anh was full of character for this year’s Fall-Winter Collection. Andy, born in
Vietnam in 1965 has a remarkable portfolio of fashion awards along with plenty of influence to many successful outlets such as Parasuco and Tristan & America. This year, Andy was asked to design the interior for a one of a kind Ford Fusion - which will be auctioned for the benefit of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. His creative talent and eclectic personality makes Andy a high profile Canadian. (click here for photo coverage of this event)

The paradox of fitted cuts and opulent materials conspires to make the upcoming season the richest and most luxurious of Andy’s collection.

This year’s line was called "Glam Rock", an era born from the 70s and 80s with celebrities such as Prince, David Bowie and Velvet Underground. The runway was dressed in skimpy suits, straight pants and large frilled blouses. To continue his theme of glam, Andy’s pallet included shades of grey and metallic silver, rich chocolate and cognac, and a candy black with eggshell. The paradox of fitted cuts and opulent materials conspires to make the upcoming season the richest and most luxurious of Andy’s collection.

Many great things come from inspirations. David Dixon’s travels to Scandinavia inspired his Fall/Winter line for 06/07. Scandinavia, known for its striking nature, spiritual culture and scenic beauty, was masterfully exhibited throughout David’s work. The clean lines of his dresses and modern style of his suits depicted the striking, yet modern viewpoint David was going for. To embellish the sleek designs, David placed black bows throughout his pieces. Another accessory that made a strong impact, were princess gloves, which were made of strong fabrics of wool and cotton. Pairing these gloves with fitted suits and urban dresses created an impressive contemporary look.

When David opened up to Hype1, it was clear that much of his personality showed throughout his work. David is not a much of a martini man or a beer chugger, rather a white wine connoisseur that enjoys a laid back atmosphere, like a lounge, for intimate conversations. Though most showcases have designers up in frenzy and utterly stressed, David’s seven year old son keeps him grounded. Striking, modern and modest makes David successful and consistent in the fashion industry.

On the contrast, SDnR showcased an edgy and bold line of clothing. Canadian rocker, Fefe Dobson, was the opening model of the Fall line. Pulling through an alternative theme, SDnR chose a well-established rock venue - Phoenix Concert Theatre. (click here for photo coverage of this event)
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