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L'Oreal Fashion Week - Fairyesque, Izzy Camilleri, Joeffer Caoc, Comrags
By: Paul Manio
Date: 2006-03-15 15:39:34
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This year, Fairyesque brought a whimsical line filled with accessories to life. The theme "Russian Cowgirl" was carried through the runway with acid washed jeans paired with eclectic print tops. A trunk in the center of the runway was filled with heirlooms to symbolize the importance of heritage. Designers Katrin and Nicole infused bold necklaces and Cowboy hats with beautiful outfits.

We joined Joeffer Caoc for his after party at C Lounge where models strutted their stuff on the dance floor instead of the runway ...

Izzy Callimeri brought a few surprises to stage. An unexpected backstage woman appeared at the face of the runway realizing too late that the show had begun and that she was now their front model. With a full audience staring back at her and a herd of photographers snapping photos, she let out a sudden yelp and fled the stage!

To push the envelope of entertainment, Izzy’s Fall Collection showed strength and style. Lead hairstylist of L’Oreal, Andrea Claire Walmkey, was directed with the concept of the horn, which was styled to perfection on each model to symbolize royal dignity and power. Insert Gold Frapps "Ooh La La" for the models to walk the runway in lush velvets and lace. (click here for photo coverage of this event)

Leggings have more uses than one. Fit the nylons around your arm or scrunch them on black heals to make a contemporary outfit trendy and hot. Joeffer Caoc was all about infusing edgy with chic. Highlights include an urban fashion power-suit that was checker embroidered from top to bottom.

Robin Kay, president of FDCC describes the theme of Comrags as "Hard Femme". Clean lines, blacks with prints and thin belts creatively styled were aspects of Comrags power woman. All the models wore men’s shoes - Amara of elite models says "we were told the inspiration was going to meet your cool boyfriend".

We joined Joeffer Caoc to celebrate his line for his after party at C Lounge where models strutted their stuff on the dance floor instead of the runway. (click here for photo coverage of this event)
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