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Promoter Profile - Ritchie Rich
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-02-10 15:39:34
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Promoter Profile : Ritchie Rich Interview by Jessica Grajczyk

Vancouver party pusher Ritchie Rich is all about exclusivity in everything from his club nights to the clothes on his back. He’s cocky like Kanye but hey, why mess with what works, figgadeal me?

Why did you get into promoting?

Basically I got into promoting because I’ve always had a natural ability to tell people what’s good you know? I’m good at networking. Also because I just wanted to start some new nights in the city that would definitely add some flavour. People get tired of the same old shit going on, ya feel me? When I had the chance to have my own night it was an offer I couldn’t refuse and it ended up being one of the most popular places to go on a Friday night, Get Some at Shine, brought to you by "you already know". Although I’m not doing that night anymore because I’m thinking about getting into bigger and better projects like shows and bigger venues.

What was the first party you ever threw?

I was doing Friday nights at Voda for about 6 months and quit because I was offered the whole Shine thing. My first night at Shine was Jaykin’s album release party for his Vintage Mixtape, which basically set off the whole night as Get Some. It was a really good vibe that night, I knew right then and there it was going to be a huge success and it still is, even without me.

What are some notable parties/nights you have promoted since then?

A very notable party was for Edge 1 of the Usual Suspec’s album release party for "Consider This a Privilege", named by me, thank you! That one night was probably the busiest night we had. Such a good crowd and really a good line up of only the best MCs in the city. Also the most beautiful women in the city were there that night. Not to mention the sales that night were some of the best the club’s ever done on a Friday night.

How has the nightlife scene changed in your eyes since you first started out?

The nightlife scene sort of changed a bit after that night was blown up. Huge line ups every week, people not getting in because the rooms were overcrowded with random weirdos and drunk ass chicks trying to come up with some status.. haha. At first it was only my friends and acquaintances, nowadays it’s all chochy lookin’ muthafuckas trying to be all hard. The scene changed after I quit.

What is one of the craziest things you’ve witnessed at a party?

I’ve seen some crazy shit yo! Fuckin’ losers from surrey or some shit playing with guns, how uncool is that? I’ve seen dudes beating the shit out of other dudes like 5 on one type shit. I’ve even seen gangster bitches stomp on other girls with high heels, damn!

Best party you’ve ever been to and why?

The best parties are the ones at Alife, free booze and beautiful breezes, figgadeal me? That last one was also the 5 year anniversary of Shine, which happened to fall on a Friday so you know that night was poppin’. Other than that, every party I have is the best.

What kind of nightlife environment do you appreciate the most?

I really appreciate an environment that has good people, ya know? If it’s a chochy crowd I’m not gonna be there around a bunch of rich assholes wearing their favourite blazers trying to get noticed while I’m rockin’ a $3,000 Dr. Romanelli jacket and they don’t even know what it is. There has to be good music and hot ladies that are down for the cause? haha.

Anything you think could be improved about Vancouver’s club scene?

There’s so much that could be improved! Vancouver is so far behind everything, true story. I mean, we could definitely use some more shows and stuff but other than that this city needs more good venues. The only places I ever go to when I do go out are Shine, Atlantis, and Plush. The Granville strip is lame. I’m surprised there’s nothing on Robson worth my presence. And oh yea, Lucy Mae Brown is good.

From what I can tell, you are also very passionate about urban fashion. Promoters and urban clothing stores seem to go hand in hand in Vancouver (Alife, Livestock, etc.). Do you have any interest in opening your own store one day?

Yeah actually I’m all about fashion, ya feel me? Fashion is a statement pointing out who I am and what I represent. That’s why you always see me rockin’ the most outlandish shit in the city. You’d think I’m from New York or somewhere in the future but I’ve never been there because those places can come to me! Haha.

Basically I got into promoting because I’ve always had a natural ability to tell people what’s good you know?

Yeah that’s true about the promoting and fashion thing. GMAN and Rizk own Livestock which is a totally dope shop and definitely what we needed to add some flavour to this city. I gotta give them that, those guys are a treat to this city. Big up Garret and Rob.

As for my own shop, that would be the coolest thing ever, but not anytime soon. I have much retail experience though from the OG 24 shop in Gastown.
Man, I miss that place. It later turned into Richard Kidd. Thanks to them for hooking me up.

What are your favourite stores in Vancouver?

My favourite stores are Dipt Urban Hookups, big up to Jungle and Martini the Don. I’d like to shout out Alife and Tony Ferg for all the gear they gave me so I could be a walking advertisement.. haha just kidding. But really though, Livestock is dope, Yo Mr. Phillipone gimme a deal dun! Headquarters is fresh. What’s up to my man Money Makin’ Mitch making moves over at Adidas. Other than them joints my closet is like the dopest store out, only private clientele though so get on my level.

What are some of your favourite brands?

I’m all about Supreme and Dr. Romanelli, which was recently seen on the cover of Sneeze Magazine with me gracing the cover. I like Bathing Ape and Alife is cool. Also I really like LV and maybe some Burberry boxers for the ladies haha.

Who do you look up to style wise?

I’ve always looked up to people like Tony Ferguson as a skateboarder rockin’ Supreme and all that old good shit, he’s the man. Kanye West has really good style and Andre 3000! I’m serious! I must say 2Pac was so fuckin’ dope rockin’ that leather Versace vest on a motor cycle. That’s gonna be me one day.. haha!

What are your plans for the future?

Right now my plans for the future are only talked about behind closed doors. As far as any new nights? I’m sure you’ve heard rumors but it’s hard in this city. If something worth my while comes up I’ll take it to another level. I’m not gonna go rush into a new night just to get my name out there cause my name’s already out. I’m gonna wait for the right opportunity.

Any last words?

Thanks for the interview. I hope I get some good feedback people! If anyone wants to contact me they can hit me up on Myspace at Peace out to all in Vancouver. Keep it real and be safe.
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