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20 Questions with Kristian Littmann
By: Steve McMinn
Date: 2006-02-20 15:39:34
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20 Questions with Kristian Littman - Focus Fridays @ The Lotus

1. When/Why did you become a DJ?

First started djing in 1998. Like many others djs, I attended a few parties and got so taken by the music, I wanted to learn how it was played and created.

2. Who were/are your biggest influences?

Danny Howells’ housier sound has always been a big influence, the way he blended house and progressive into a deep funky brew. I’ve always loved Tenaglia as well - his ability to move through many different genres in one night and make it all fit together is amazing! Of late, I am loving the disco-tinged sounds of Desyn Masiello. Locally, I met John Morgan shortly after we had both started djing and he has been a big help and influence over the years, both dj and production-wise.

3. What was the first gig you played and how did it go?

First time to people was at the Red Lion on West 4th - many good parties there over the years. First proper club gig came a few years later at the Drink, at Scott Audio’s Balance night.

4. Tell us about the craziest thing you have witnessed from the booth?

No Comment...

5. Where are you currently playing?

At Focus Fridays at the Lotus, along with Kevin Shiu, John Morgan and Chloe Harris, who is a quarterly resident. The night features top-notch international talent as well, with Kasey Taylor, Jimmy Van M, Desyn Masiello, Luke Fair, and Habersham having all played in the last year.

6. Thoughts on the current state of the Van electronic scene?

I think the scene is doing well. there are some great djs and producers in Vancouver, which always keep the overall quality of music quite high.

7. Do you produce your own music?

Yes, there is nothing I am quite ready to unleash on the world just yet but it’s slowly getting there!

8. What other DJs in Vancouver should we be checking out?

There are many really good djs in Vancouver - Tyler Johnson, Kevin Shiu, Andy Clockwork, John Morgan, Vernon, Tom Thomas, Mighty Mac all immediately spring to mind. Also, if you ever get a chance, be sure to check out Mike Posnikoff!

9. The current most played record in your crate is?

Take Me Away - Haji and Emmanuel remix - I have been playing this since last summer and I am surprised this record still plays! It is still usually one of the biggest records of the night.

10. If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Stereo Montreal - I once had a religious experience I will never forget there, to Frankie Knuckles. I can only imagine what certain tracks would sound like on that soundsystem!

Focus Resident Kristian Littmann gives us the answers...

11. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

No tolerance, no freedom of thought, no hope for a better future. See also: the U.S. under George Bush.

12. Where would you like to live?

I have always wanted to live in Montreal or New York.

13. What is your idea of earthly happiness?

Saturday morning, a pot of coffee, no commitments until Monday.

14. Who are your favorite characters in history?

Napoleon (I am half-French), Mozart, my Dad (who passed away when I was 13).

15. Who are your heroes in real life?

Anyone willing to speak out against oppression or abuses of power - Nelson Mandela is an obvious example.

16. Your favorite musician?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I have always been a big Jimmy Page fan. Peter Gabriel repeatedly blows me away - his last two tours were insane! I am also a big fan of early Ben Harper and Dave Matthews.

17. What was your last dream about?

As odd as it sounds, I had some weird dreams the other night about one of Saddam Hussein’s sons.

18. What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?

Dying from a heart attack after learning you had won the lottery. That would suck.

19. What natural gift would you most like to possess?

when I was kid, I always wanted X-ray vision.

20. What is your motto/philosophy on life?

Always treat others fairly and how you would expect to be treated yourself! Everyone deserves your respect until they prove otherwise.

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