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Desyn Masiello Profile
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-02-21 15:39:34
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You’re in for an aural orgasm this Friday if you plan on heading down to Focus at Lotus. The highly acclaimed London DJ Desyn Masiello stops at the Vancouver venue as part of his tour promoting his latest release, Balance 008. The CD has already been awarded Number One Compilation of The Year for 2005 according to respected dance magazine M8, with iDJ magazine naming it one of the best of the year as well. Artists featured on the disc include Orbital, Francois K, Ellen Alien and more. Australian label Stomp is touting the release as one of the most inventive of the series.

That’s no surprise since Masiello is known for having an innovative style all his own, taking tracks to new levels by tweaking them so they’re absolutely perfect for "the new generation of dance music fanatics". Masiello is known to incorporate many different genres, and not allowing himself to be pigeon-holed into one constricting classification. He utilizes house classics, deep, tech and funky progressive with inspiration from acid house, funk, soul, disco, rock, and reggae. He tweaks classics from Blondie, Eurythmics, The Beatles, Depeche Mode and James Brown to isolate what, in his mind, are the absolute best attributes of each to incorporate into his mixes.

In DJ Magazine’s Top 100 poll, Deep Dish, Sander K, and Danny Howells all nominated Desyn Masiello as their "Future DJ Hero". His career quickly ballooned from his first mix CD distributed to a mere 100 internet message board respondents, to playing 80 dates in 100 days on an international tour promoting the "In House We Trust" release, to having a piece in two different labels ? Alternative Route, and Sexonwax, to a nomination for BBC’s Radio 1’s "Essential Mix of The Year".

Check him out at Focus @ Lotus this Friday and see what all the fuss is
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