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Promoter Profile - Nate Sabine
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-02-24 15:39:34
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Interview with Nate Sabine-the mind behind Shine.

There’s a point in every clubber’s life when they just don’t want to go to the same old warehouse full of hammered, trampy barstars and an endless sea of spiked hair and slight variations on the white collared shirt. Or maybe they never even wanted to in the first place. Nate Sabine, Promotions and Marketing Director for Shine Night Club, understands this desire for the unique and fresh night life experience. He gives us the lowdown on Shine and that hot little store he’s got a piece in.

How did you get involved with Shine Night Club?

I was doing Context, a weekly hip hop concert series for couple of years with Kyle Kraft from Battleaxe Records. I was approached by my predecessor about doing a night at Shine but I didn’t want to do anything rap-associated so I thought about it and came back with the idea for White Lies, the 80s night that made Shine infamous. That evolved into my stepping in as promotions and marketing director for the club. It was a lot different before I started which leads to your next question...

What is your vision for the club?

My vision - and fortunately the owner’s as well - is to provide a party place for people that aren’t into mainstream, jiggy, crappy, top 40 stuff or wet T-shirt contests and shit but aren’t, like, underground warriors or IDM freaks or anything like that. We play some hits, regular stuff, but try to stay ahead of the curve. We fill a void and we stay away from everyday things, like we don’t have televisions, draft beer or corny dress codes.

...we have the greatest promoter and DJ lineup that this city has ever seen in one club.

What do you think sets Shine apart from the rest of Vancouver’s clubs?

The design is unique and we have the greatest promoter and DJ lineup that this city has ever seen in one club. Plus, dynamite staff and loyal regulars (thanks guys and girls).

What are the key ingredients for a successful club night?

Having a strong concept helps, but one thing that I notice is that clubs and promoters tend to give up too soon; weeklies take time to build. The only promoters in Vancouver that can start a night and have it bangin’ from jump are Gman and Rizk (much respect to those cats).

How did you get involved with alife?

It’s a long, convoluted story that I won’t bother you with, but the Vancouver principles are my man Tony Ferguson, Tim Knight from Shine and myself. I guess basically we were distributing the alife sneakers in Canada and that relationship grew to what it is now - a Vancouver retail store and helping coordinate the worldwide distro, with more stuff in the works.

How has Vancouver’s response been to the New York-based brand?

The response has been great, Vancouver is a very hip town.

I’ve noticed that alife and Shine both have similarly exclusive auras about them? meaning that there is a very specific clientele each is marketed to. What is your reasoning behind this and how do you ensure this exclusivity?

That’s a good question...

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