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KR 'It's All In My Head' Book Signing At alife
By: Steve McMinn
Date: 2006-04-07 02:20:11
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Friday March 17th saw Brooklyn based graffiti artist and photographer KR visit Vancouver’s alife store for a signing of his new book ’It’s All In My Head’. The book covers his work from 1996 to now with images of his street work, urban photography and some gallery work. The book is published by ’also known as’ - famous for their high-quality graffiti magazine 12ozPROPHET, and designed by KR and alife. A mad fashionable crowd was in attendance, ready to check the book and get their drink on! As usual it was free beer and wine for all, thanks alife! The afterparty at Shine was bangin and saw the now famous "I’m gonna call some cats to come kill you" - "Not without your phone you aren’t" , cel phone smashing episode! Its

KR is Brooklyn, NY based artist Craig Costello. KR has been involved in the graffiti scene in NY for the last 10+ years and among other things is responsible for the drippy silver dye you see all over the mailboxes there. As you can see in the book, he also throws up some rather large Roller Letter pieces. Included are some pieces thrown up with fellow New York legend ESPO, author of ’The Art Of Getting Over’. He spent a few years in San Fran in the early 90’s and was responsible for bringing the drip style to the Bay Area. Apart from the street art, Craig works with many other mediums including paint, photography and product design. His work has appeared in such magazines as Relax, Jane, The Source and Art In America. Apart from Its All In My Head, KR’s work has also appeared in graffiti books, The Art Of Getting Over, Scrawl and Autograf. KR is also the man behind KRINK, handmade (by Craig himself) permanent black and silver inks. KRINK makes markers and applicators for tagging but as KR said at the signing, "you can use the ink for whatever you want." This included a special edition alife/KRINK t-shirt. The

KR is also the man behind KRINK, handmade (by Craig himself) permanent black and silver inks.

The book itself is an interesting collection of art and photography, with the entire cover being one large riot door. Going through the book, I felt a reawakening of my old graf fascination that started when I saw the movie ’Dreams Don’t Die’. The movie was really cheesy but how was I supposed to know that at 9 years old? I just wanted King 67 to stay in love and help catch that pesky drug dealer! Who knew I would, in later life, come to love those cats who "deliver"? Anyways, back to the book... I have been through it quite a few times and am very impressed. The photographs (all taken with a film camera), cover a wide range of subjects with my personal favourite being a skywriting shot of the word LOVE. We also get to see a number of pages of KRINK in action. From what I have read, this ink really took off when it came out and can be seen all over New York. As it is unfadeable, I imagine it will still be there for our gran-kids which is pretty cool, if you ask me! Subway

To get your hands on the book or some KRINK, go to alife vancouver - 350 Water Street, Gastown or order online at

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