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Miami Winter Music Conference - 2006
Date: 2006-04-11 17:18:57
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Miami Winter Music Conference 2006
By: Lauren Walker

(click here for photo coverage of this event)

It seemed like the day was taking forever to come but before we knew it, it was 5:30 am at the airport and Toronto’s finest was about to board a plane headed for South Beach Miami.

We had some great dinners on Ocean Drive and hit up a place called Touch a beautiful restaurant where everything is texturized.

The plan; a week of electronic music morning noon and night. The best DJ’s from around the world in one place for one purpose to celebrate music and all that goes along with it. This is truly one hell of a party, actually many parties, too many parties to choose from. We arrived in Miami with a schedule in hand of all the DJ’s we were stoked on seeing again and even some new ones.

Toronto had a good showing this year Addy and Joe Manzone were on the flight and all the people who party to their beats in T.O; many were on the same party trail. We tend to stick to the pretty party trail so we hit up David Guetta on our first night at a club called The Mansion. David put on a wicked show reminiscent of the vibe back in October at our very own Lot332. The crowd was hot the music was hotter and it definitely was hot in there.

Next up was Steve Lawler and our very own Sean Miller opened. That party at Space was a must and that after hours just kills it. The terrace at Space was a place many spent their mornings some every morning.

We went to two Pacha parties because Pacha in Ibiza is my favorite place so when I read they were taking the party on the road it became a must on the list of everything we were attempting to accomplish. We had an ambitious list but we basically did it all. The pretty parties and the hard parties too. We partied with the Pasha DJ’s Andy B. and Sarah Main. My friend Kelz shopped her demo and met with producers, oh yah she got a tattoo at Miami Ink.

We had dinner with DJ Ricky Montinari a friend from Italy who was in town for the Made in Italy party on the Tuesday. I was sad I wasn’t going to be there for it.

We have good luck wherever we go and this time we met a vodka rep who took us to Tiesto and got us a limo to drive our drunken butts around. Last year’s luck included the Versace Mansion and a Yacht.

We had some great dinners on Ocean Drive and hit up a place called Touch a beautiful restaurant where everything is texturized.

We ended up going to a Ministry of Sound Party for a quick bit on the Sunday and then went to Bob Sinclair and Armand Van Heldan, again hot crowd nicely made up and of course way too much free vodka - special thanks to our new friend Nelson.

The trip was so amazing just a quick note on bad weather - way too cold at night and the staff at The Savoy - awesome!

Flying home was sad, I was exhausted but we have some great photos to help me remember all we did.
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