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DJ Physik - Shoes, Movies and Poker
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-04-14 16:54:59
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DJ Physik Interview ? Shoes, Movies and Poker


How many pairs?

I think, if my last count was correct, I just broke the 320 pair mark.

Most prized pair?

Hmmm, such a tough question. I’m such a sucker for all my Jordan III’s, but my Heineken Dunks and my ’The Dirty’ Air Force II are all pretty special to me.

Why do you love shoes so much?

I’ve always loved shoes, as far back as I can remember. Having the right shoe can make or break an outfit, and I’m really picky about matching. The shoe has to be the right textured material, not just colour, for me to be satisfied.

Which ones will be the next addition to your collection?

Hmmm, I’ve kind of slowed down on the whole shoe purchasing. Mainly because I think I have every shoe in every colour that I need. But I did see that the Jordan V’s are being re-released this year. I’ll probably have to get a few pairs of those, and there’s gonna be some Bapesta’s that I want to pick up too. I never know when I might come across a gem that I must have for my collection. These spontaneous purchases usually happen when I’m traveling. I love shoe shopping in other cities... mainly Vegas and LA.

I think, if my last count was correct, I just broke the 320 pair mark.


Why are you such a movie buff?

It’s one of the few times I get to sit down and relax for a couple hours.

Favourite recent release?

Kung Fu Hustle. It really doesn’t get any better than this. It had everything... love story, action, comedy, martial arts... need I go on?

Favourite movie of all time?

Hmmm, it just may be Kung Fu Hustle... but I’ll go with something a little older. I really liked The Count of Monte Cristo. I love revenge.

Who would play you in your bio pic?

Ice-T? Why do I always get compared to him anyways? If not Ice-T then how about Lou Diamond Phillips or Lorenzo Lamas?

Poker: Award

What do you love about poker?

I think the main thing that I love about it is the math and thinking involved. Calculating odds, predicting what possible hands other players could have, and figuring out how much to bet to get a player with a worse hand to call, and a player with a better hand to fold.

What was the best game you ever played and why?

Hmm, the best local game has to be the Port Kells Poker game. Shout out to the nine-deuce crew. But the best single session I played was probably the most recent big tournament at the River Rock. 300 people, and I ended up in 13th place! One mistake ended up costing me a shot at the final table, but hey, we learn from our mistakes and I was playing to win the damn thing, not just make the final table. I still made five times my tournament buy in, and it’s the biggest tourney I’ve played in to date. So I was pleased, but not ecstatic with my performance.

Favourite spot to play?

My regular card room of choice is the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam, but you can find me at the River Rock, or Cascades in Langley on occasion. And obviously I love playing in Vegas. I had a good tournament win at the Mandalay Bay a few months ago.

If you could play anyone, who would it be?

Competition wise, I’d want to play against Johnny Chan or Scotty Nguyen, because I find them both entertaining. But I think I’d rather play Jennifer Tilley or Evelyn Ng for obvious reasons!
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