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SlowDJ's at The Midweek Hump @ Tribeca
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-04-22 13:55:13
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Before I get on topic here I just want to say that Regis is THE MAN. First of all, you must be the man if you have a name like Regis. Secondly, I’m always impressed when venue owners take the time to really get out there and mingle with their clientele. He has truly built a relationship with his patrons at Tribeca. Just mentioning his name to one of the regulars gets an exclamation over what a character he is. I got to meet him when I checked out The Midweek Hump with resident DJ’s Nima and Van Tek. It’s basically a cool spot to go to hang out with friends after work and into the evening, while having a bite, sipping martinis (the special), and tapping your toes to some quality house beats.


My experience of The Midweek Hump starred Smitch P of the SlowDJ’s crew, who Nima noted, had brought impressive numbers into the intimate venue throughout the past few weeks. I’ve known Smitch P for a little while now, but I had never had the pleasure of seeing him work his magic behind the decks. He’s been spinning house music for 7 years and demonstrates the skills that can only come from years of dedication. Specializing in Funky House, Deep House, Electro House, and Progressive House, Smitch P draws from such influences as Roger Sanchez, Anne Savage, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Loftey (also of SlowDJ’s) and Myles O’ Phunk. Previous gigs include a residency at Rouge at Aqua Lounge, Apex, Summerz End, and Rise.


I spoke with the founder of the SlowDJ’s crew, Clay (aka Vinnie The Squid aka Techstyles), who formed the group back in 2001 after putting on a house DJ competition, and also several hip hop shows, including a DMC competition for producers in conjunction with Thick Magazine. The group has grown to include a mix of 12 house and hip hop DJ’s, including hip hop group Erthtonez. Clay himself seems to be fluent in both genres, having recently released a mix CD featuring Blackalicious.

The crew’s talent base is only getting bigger and people will start to hear more from SlowDJ’s in the near future. Their website is currently under construction due to their ever-expanding roster. Check it out in a couple weeks time... They’re bringing DJ Revolution to Azure Lounge on May 21st, and you can also check them pumping up the crowd at the 24 Hour Relay on June 17th and 18th.


The Midweek Hump happens every Wednesday at Tribeca (536 Seymour) and features guest DJ’s brought in by Nima and Van Tek, who only invite those who will hold up their goal of bringing consistent quality in electronic music to their loyal customers.
  Nima and our Jess
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