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ReelWorld Films - April 2006
By: Paul Manio
Date: 2006-05-01 00:25:44
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ReelWorld films shook the audience with some daring movies this year.

For those of you who are not quite familiar with ReelWorld, it is Canada’s premiere not-for-profit film festival which happens every year (for the past six years).

You will see some familiar faces - so it’s okay to star gaze and schmooze. Plus, if you’re a big fan of The Young and Restless don’t be surprised, while you’re munching on your popcorn, to be sitting beside Tonya Lee Williams (who played Dr. Olivia and happens to be the Founder of ReelWorld films).

ReelWold films had a remarkable line of films, music videos, shorts and animations, which was carried out through the week of April 19th

This year, I was pleased to watch two films during the festival: Kamataki and Dal-kom-han In-saeng (try saying that out loud in a dinner party).


Kamataki (, by director Claude Gagnon, showcased a unique film about a young Canadian who faces the challenges of losing his Japanese father and with him his own soul. In this philosophical film, you follow the trials and tribulations about a man searching for self, while coping with pain. Kamataki, the artistic process of fire and pottery plays a significant role with Ken’s (played by Matt Smiley) search for redemption and knowledge.

Dal-kom-han In-saeng (A BitterSweet Life)

Dal-kom-han In Saeng actually translates to A Bittersweet Life. If you think you hate your life because work just plain sucks and than you start realizing that you have no time any more to find a decent date, after watching A Bittersweet Life, I have no pity for you. This moving story is about a hit-man who works for one of the most powerful mobs. Of course, when you work for a mob, your endless work becomes your ordinary life ? but the question is, what happens to a hit-man who stops for a moment to breathe and starts to fall in love? When Sun-Woo (the hit-man) defies the order of his boss because of his emotions, his life becomes at stake. To give you a small visual of Sun-Woo’s fight for his life, imagine the passion of Bruce Lee and the brutality of Scarface. Directed by Kim Jee-Woon, this film had a great blend of drama and action.

ReelWold films had a remarkable line of films, music videos, shorts and animations, which was carried out through the week of April 19th. Be sure to be at the scene for next year’s festival. Visit for more information.
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