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Set List Mondays at Shine
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-05-10 01:15:38
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Every time I go to Shine I feel like I’m back for the first time, hearing songs I forgot I loved. It’s such a refreshing experience because it’s never the same old same old at this chic little underground Gastown lair. And this is certainly the case with their new weekly Monday night - Set List featuring DJ’s Dana D and Trevor Risk. Shine opens up its cushy red room for this night, where you’ll hear pop favourites from the last 50 years.

Set List has become one of Trevor’s favourite nights because he gets to play songs he wants to hear and doesn’t mind playing requests since they aren’t for the latest oversaturated hip pop track. That’s not hard to believe since the crowd is definitely not your average bar star posse. Shine caters more to the young indie crowd in Vancouver - artists, fashionistas, skaters, and industry staff. Definitely not your cookie cutter suburban kids who just turned 19 and are out to get a piece of ass. This night is all about the love of the music.
it’s never the same old same old at this chic little underground Gastown lair...

I heard everything from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Smiths, to Connie Francis and Bloc Party - sing along songs from every era and every genre. I couldn’t help but have a silly grin on my face the whole night and it wasn’t just because of the cheap drinks. Dana

Check out Set List every Monday at Shine (364 Water Street).
  Dana D
  Trevor Risk
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