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DJ Jesse James
By: Steve McMinn
Date: 2006-05-19 16:53:49
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Digg! reddit Share on Facebook catches up with DJ Jesse James, resident at Trust’s Niche Fridays @ Bar None...

Fridays at Bar None are known as one of the most fun in the city. Why do you think that is?

I think that there is an effort to be a source of unique and diverse entertainment that very few venues are doing these days. When I first started there the wicked manager Mike Shea pulled me aside and gave me
the heads up that I was to play my music. No requests, no demands, just keep true to what I wanted to play throughout the night. It was a wicked beginning and its just got better and better since and I think the crowd has seen that and the fun has been derived from that.

When did you first start DJing?

I got my start like 6 years ago when I worked in Puerto Vallarta as a resort destinations pool MC. Sweet gig playing games with the travel goers during the day in the sun. Any who I found out the DJ made more than me and seemed to be getting all the chicks so I asked him to train me. I started in Vancouver at a bumpin club in the burbs and just sort
of spun my way to where im at today.

Describe the funniest/scariest/craziest thing you have witnessed from the DJ booth...

Which to choose. I’ve seen a lot of messed up things at my gigs... I’m sort of known for having the epic dj booth parties with shooters and dancing till the wee hours. I wouldn’t have it any other those are my peeps they paid to hear me play and I want to rip it up in there presence just as they do with me. In my world the scarier, funnier or craziest things are
rewarded and not talked about.

What clubs, events and DJ’s inspired you to pursue playing?

For a long time I thought massives were what being a DJ was to strive for, but lately and especially at bar none the reward for DJ’n to smaller audiences is just way bigger. I just traveled Asia, and got a
taste of the scene there and I would definitely like to go back there.

It’s just a world that is so passionate about music, quality sound equipment and nightlife in general.

Apart from Niche Fridays (of course), what other nights/places do you recommend?

I seem to search for different scenes that I really don’t fit into but want to watch and enjoy. I like what’s going on in the after hours scene
with Tyler Johnson over at gorg-o-mish I think the guy has a true determination and style that no one can duplicate. As well big fan, of Timeline and his electro steeze. That man can steal my headphones anyday!

As nights go around Vancouver club nights are shit. There is a determination like no other especially on the strip to provide patrons with as little entertainment for the dollar as they can.

I understand you have released some tracks as a producer. Where can we hear them and are there any new ones in the works?

I haven’t released anything though I play other people’s tracks. I installed one of those music producing software’s on my computer and cried myself to sleep. I got nothing but respect for producers as it’s a tough gig.

Apart from DJing, what other exciting things are going on in the life of Jesse James?

Well in Jesse world I keep really busy working for Shark Energy Canada doing the marketing and events for Canada and I own a clothing company with DJ Daryl O called Hot since we are workin on opening a new custom t-shirt shop here in Vancouver sometime this summer/fall. Any investors out there give us a ring!!!! HOLLA!
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