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Eight Resto Lounge
By: Joanne Alfano
Date: 2006-06-02 18:14:45
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Located in the chic and alluring King Street district, Roxy Blu was indeed once upon a time. Visited frequently by the renowned Little Louie Vega, Richie Hawtins and local Deejay, Winston Thompson, Roxy Blu was undoubtedly a happening soiree.

Now in its place is yet another high profiled establishment giving 12 Brant Street a new definition to nightlife in Toronto and perhaps some legit competition. Eight Below integrates a fairly recent concept, a resto lounge upstairs where the club connoisseur is able to dine and mingle, whilst downstairs is for the party-goer to dance away those designer calories.

Now, the question that myriads of patrons are anxiously chatting about, who owns the venue? The commencement of Eight Below has prospered due to the Hingson Entertainment Corporation. This group has been making news and have entered the market in such a distinguished manner. Beyond Eight, the group which consists of Cheong Hingson, has purchased Fez Batik, Banzai Sushi and Circa (formerly known as Lucid) with New York City legend Peter Gatien.

Briefly, for those who do not know Peter Gatien here is a simplified anecdote. Born in Cornwall, Ontario he moved to the U.S and opened up a chain of nightclubs only to become a reputable and prominent club king. Big ventures demand for big plans and next on Hingson’s agenda is to build a boutique hotel in the city.

Modish and luxurious the decor includes unique leather couches, eclectic chandeliers and satin curtains hanging from the ceiling.

Most people are visionary which is often needed in advance when attempting to try different entertainment spots. Perhaps this is why an article such as this can assist you in your decision. Enter a large white door where modern style meets classic 40’s and 50’s French couture. Approaching the dining area, one will take notice to the creamy off white chairs adorned with the number eight. Detail is effusively elegant. The space predominantly belongs to white and cream colours.

Let’s not forget to make reference to the open concept kitchen which ultimately sets the cuisine for executive Chef Laurent Brion. Bringing his home land to the kitchen the versatile menu offers dishes that will delight the senses. Meticulously prepared, the chef offers his guests a variety of tasteful foods that the "French" may literally utter out, "Mmm C’est tres bon"! The customer has two preoccupations, food and service. At Eight Below it is there endless quest to deliver that proverbial excellence and because staff members are selectively picked out service is quite agreeable. As one ends the dining experience off "below" where downstairs can accommodate 400 moving bodies and be witness to the collection of old cameras and collages of abstract pictures.

Modish and luxurious the decor includes unique leather couches, eclectic chandeliers and satin curtains hanging from the ceiling. To enhance the night, one can also indulge in bottle service in one of eight opulent VIP booths.

Eight Below inevitably attracts a desirable demographic while simultaneously keeping the sensation and flow to an all time high. Music is soulful and great house, techno, hip hop and R&B tunes are mixed.

- Arrive early. The club usually fills up quickly and tends to get overly crowded
- Dress your best. Quality is essential since it is ranked and classified as an upscale venue
- Get on guest list
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