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Flow 93.5 - 5 Year Anniversary
By: Joanne Alfano
Date: 2006-06-04 16:58:07
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"I am going to talk for a short time, so we can party for a long time," expresses Wayne Williams, program director of Flow 93.5. Now, when one interprets a party, generally the first images that come into the limelight are savoury snacks, an abundance of liquor, a compelling host, awe-inspiring music and of course lets make mention to the guests. On Wednesday May, 31st Flow 93.5 celebrated five years on the air with an "historic" bash at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The night was an utter success where invite-only guests mingled, danced, ordered one, two maybe three beverages and irrefutably indulged in hors d’oeuvres. Fruit skewers Madam? Or perhaps can I interest you in bite-size hamburgers. So, perchance, for the not so hungry individual perhaps an innovative alcoholic drink such as the Flow-tini by SKYY Vodka provokes an invite. Distinctively invented by Flow, guests were able to satisfy their palate. Quench-tasting beers such as the new Brazilian Brahma, Guinness, Heineken and that fermented juice that continually makes everyone so sophisticatedly intoxicated were also all enjoyed. (click here for photo coverage of this event)

Promptly, I shall discuss the furnishings which were elegantly displayed with a dash of character. Upon entrance, shall I add on red velvet carpet, Flow representatives greeted journalists, nightclub promoters, recording artists, radio-goers and other enthusiasts with warm welcomes. With immense spirit and intensity filling the early night an unpreventable glance had most starring at the fellow dressed in silver attire. Was he a space man, Michael Jackson’s dance instructor, nobody knew, but either way he put a comical flavour to the celebration.

It was a necessity to commemorate the success of Canada’s first urban radio station and now, five years later they have made Canadian history by being of assistance to hundreds of Canadian artists.

Approaching the main area, I immediately took notice to the liquor. Sure, I enjoy my occasional Cranberry and Vodka; however my attention was drawn to the way the bar was displayed. Bottles and glasses were arranged in a coherent form hence why a crowd would congregate while patiently waiting for those "oh so tasty drinks". Smiles, laughter, excessive drinking, celebrity spotting and social chit-chats were all in effect that night. So, here is a scenario I would like to put forward for your imagination. Visualize a stage where award winning band jack soul and Maestro perform. Simultaneously, Flow dancers exhibit their moves as if they were decorative pieces of art. Finally, two considerable-sized ice sculptures engraved with Flow 93.5 in bold print stood in the center for all to view.

Alas, the highlight of my night was standing among Gerald Eaton vocalist of the Philosopher King’s, YTV girl "Sugar" and the utmost privilege was meeting Farley Flex one of the three judges of Canadian Idol. I have come to a realization or a plausible theory to why celebrities look flawless in pictures. They are trained to be photogenic. It was almost a blur to me as I was quickly introduced to Flex and instantaneously a considerable amount of photos were taken.

Unrestrained now, I merged into the array of people to overhear, "Wow, this is turning into a jam". Between you and me, this gala became lively when Deejay Starting from Scratch played Ol’Skool, Hip Hop, R&B and classic house on six turntables.

Flow 93.5 has undoubtedly put the soul into Canada as they represent the urban culture. It was a necessity to commemorate the success of Canada’s first urban radio station and now, five years later they have made Canadian history by being of assistance to hundreds of Canadian artists. Loot bags for all, and all a good night!
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