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CHIN Picnic
By: Joanne Alfano
Date: 2006-06-12 21:48:34
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Photos by: T-1000

There I was hard at work, munching on spicy Italian sausages, sipping on ice-cold beer exploring the scenery at the Chin picnic launch. For many Torontonians, the summer season doesn’t actually begin until the annual CHIN picnic comes into motion. (click here for photo coverage of this event)

For 40 years, locals have engaged in a "holiday within the city" where melodious songs from international artists and crowd-pleasing bikini contests can be enjoyed. CHIN picnic offers more than just music abroad and flawless models.
Sport-goers will be able to view a live boxing tournament which will feature the province’s best male and female contenders, interactive soccer clinics, hockey exhibits and a grand prix cycling race.

For children, a circus, petting zoo and pony rides will offer plenty of delightful entertainment, as will the extravagant antics of Team K9 performance dogs. Canine action, family activities and midway rides all for the little one’s amusement. So, for those parents as well as any other adult who want to unwind for the long weekend, perhaps a shopping spree will ease the day. The market located in the Better Living Centre consists of a line of shops and stalls where miscellaneous items can be purchased. Sun and summer, quite the agreeable combination until the heat kicks in, hence why CHIN picnic will provide a beer and wine garden for relief and cool down.

Essentially, this event promotes each distinct culture while reducing ignorance in our community.

Details for this year’s celebration were voiced on Tuesday June 6th at the Liberty Grand complex. The three-day long spectacle perpetuates not only the Italian culture but incorporates Portuguese, Polish, South Asian and Chinese elements to create a truly diverse and multicultural gala. Lenny Lombardi who has taken over his legendary father, Johnny Lombardi’s legacy, assured the audience that the CHIN Picnic will proceed in a traditional manner evidently so, since Lenny has been personally trained by him. Essentially, this event promotes each distinct culture while reducing ignorance in our community.

Finally, after the somewhat long preview of this year’s extravaganza, I was anxiously waiting to view the "Spaghetti Dig-In" competition. The prize was a trip for two to Cuba’s resort, Sol Palermos. As contestants were called up, immense plates of spaghetti were given for that hopefully hungry individual. Two women and three men at first tantalizing the scent and then pushing the plate to the side once the five minutes were up. A close race, but unfortunately only one could win. Alas, the two hour Chin picnic launch was complete. Come join July 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Exhibition place, with free admission might I add.

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