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Hype Girl - Montreal's Real GRAND PRIX! - Marjolaine
By: Guy Gauthier
Date: 2006-06-22 14:03:28
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D.o.B:August 10th, 1985
Background:French Canadian

What does your ideal summer day consist of in montreal?
For starters I’d like to go shopping, then comes the afternoon....I’ll call up some friends and go have a few drinks with them on a sunny terrace. Not too many drinks, just enough so that I may keep it going throughout the night. ( I would love to go rollerblading on Le Mont Royal, but I haven’t bought any

And how would the day end?
After prettying up, head out to a quality restaurant with close friends order a bottle of wine and stuffing our faces, I’d go out on the water for a cruise at the Old Port, followed by a night out at one of Montreals crazy nightclubs!

I’m starting to dislike doing cardio. I feel like a hamster running in a wheel.

Sounds like fun! what is your favourite dish?
I like sushis and sashimi(raw tuna) its fresh and healthy.....J’ADORE!

You seem to keep in pretty good shape...what else do you do to stay fit besides eat healthy?
I dont always eat good, but I’ve always managed to keep in shape. 3 months ago I began working out, and now I’m starting to dislike doing cardio. I feel like a hamster running in a wheel. I’m going to trade in the running on the treadmill for boxing and yoga to maintain a balanced workout routine.

Anything that becomes too routine like a hamster wheel can get boring. So what else would you do as far as outdoor activities go?
I love wake boarding in the summer. Its my favourite sport!!! I enjoy just being out on the water, or even lying on the beach and catching some rays with a strawberry daiquiri. No one would believe this, but I play golf as well as football, soccer and baseball. Its hard to gather enough people all at once......especially when its even better playing in the mud when it rains!! Not everyone likes getting dirty....hahaha!!

Haha....nope...this is true. you’ve covered the about the winter season?
My second favourite sport is snowboarding! After a long day of having fun in the snow, I really appreciate spending quality time with my boyfriend(if I have one ;) ) in a nice chalet infront of the fireplace with a few bottles of wine :)

A few bottles eh? Going to do any celebrating during this Grand Prix weekend?
Friday evening I’m going to be one of the girls jumping in the ring with Montreals "new hope" for boxing JEAN PASCAL. Friday and Saturday I’m going to be behind the bar working all night. Saturday morning I’m looking forward to going to see the race. I’ll see you on the race track!! Hopefully through this experience some doors will open for me, and I will have some options as to where I want to go or what I want to do. :)

I would also like to say a special thanks to Dariana, Roger & Guy for being there for me :)

shot on location in downtown Montreal June 13,2006
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