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Miss Chin Bikini Contest - 2006
By: Paul Manio
Date: 2006-07-10 17:55:12
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Photos BY: T-1000

"head and shoulders knees and toes?eyes, ears, mouth and nose." But where is the chin? 20 beautiful ladies auditions to be Miss Chin, at the annual Chin bikini contest ? and it took more than a beautiful body to be this years winner.

Miss Chin is judged on their personality and poise on top of their hot physique. However, our elementary school song still helped to analyze the contestants:

Head - is she intelligent and can she hold a decent conversation without agreeing to everything? (ie. Refraining from "I totally agree!", "That sounds great!", "Mm Hmm" insert eyes twinkle and smile)

Shoulders - can she carry the representation of the diversity Miss Chin needs to carry through?

Knees - well the knees really carry the walk?so she has to have a walk that when she enters the room the room stops and automatically turns their attention to her.

Toes ? are they cute or are they twisted and mouldy?A good toe is a good representation of a healthy person.

Now, the eyes, ears, mouth and nose are self explanatory - the innocent beauty, an effective listener, an interesting conversation and good insight... all wrap up to a unique Miss Chin.

So how were this year’s contestants? Well if you weren’t satisfied with the results for the soccer game - your frown would have been turned upside down with these sexy ladies. Toronto’s own Anisa Xhakolli, 22, was the pround winner of CHIN’s renowned bikini pageant.

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