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Sugar Box
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-08-01 21:01:07
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Brazillian waxing is all the rage. My friend was just raving the other day about how ’it lasts for so long and it just makes you feel sexier’. I’ll be honest though, I’m still very terrified about the whole production. If you’re gonna get it done, you might as well go to a specialist. I hear if the person really knows what they’re doing, they can reduce the pain a great deal. And the thought of a future free from razor burn really got me interested? so I chatted with the founder of the newly opened Sugar Box waxing boutique to get the low down on this popular form of grooming the down low.
Having performed over 13,000 Brazilians to this day, Jane can most definitely be labeled a specialist.

Veteran esthetician Jane Brookes recently opened her first solo endeavor, Sugar Box, in the back room of The Chop Shop, a popular hair salon at 1007 Granville. You may have noticed this spot before due to the open, friendly party atmosphere of the place. The stylists often hang out the open garage door-style window in the front and do crazy things like have barbecues and chill on their lowrider chopper bikes. You’ll notice the cute little Sugar Box legs dangling from the awning.

Jane’s been perfecting the art of waxing since 1999, training in Toronto and then joining the Spa Utopia team in Vancouver for five years, where she introduced the method of Brazilian waxing. She then left to focus on the girly novelty of the Brazilian, as well as eyebrow shaping, which she believes are ’the two most important things to have groomed, and not just by a professional, but a specialist’.

Having performed over 13,000 Brazilians to this day, Jane can most definitely be labeled a specialist. She also has a background in visual art, giving her the ability to get really creative with your design. You want your hair to be a different colour? Perhaps some semi-permanent rhinestone accents? Decorative shapes? Don’t be shy! I’m sure she’s seen it all!

Jane offers a couple tips for your appointment: make sure hair is at least 1/3 of an inch long and that you are not premenstrual or hung over since the procedure will be more painful due to increased sensitivity. She uses a modest draping method with disposable spa panties and no invasive positions or stretching to ensure her clients’ maximum comfort.

To book an appointment with Jane at Sugar Box, email, or stop by 1007 Granville Street in Vancouver.
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