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Lobby Lounge: Eat Drink and Play!
By: Joanne Alfano
Date: 2006-08-10 15:39:12
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Eat Drink and Play! Three talked of words to describe the recent addition to Bloor Street West. Indeed, we mean Lobby! A combination of Sex and the City flair with an in Vogue crowd and this gem of a lounge has become a neighbourhood fixture.

Located on 192 Bloor Street West, urban-goers are able to avidly and freely divert their amusement in five separate spaces, which include the boulevard (Patio), Lobby Lounge, Gallery, White Room and the Lower Lobby. Corey Mandell, responsible of Lobby and lead representative of Mandell Entertainment has established a metropolitan ’hangout’ where guests can sip on signature martinis and mingle with other trendy ’savoir-faire’ people. Perhaps, one can say it is the NYC of Toronto.

Mandell Entertainment is the largest event company within Canada engaging in promotion, venue progress and high profiled events. Alongside with brother, Jeff Mandell, Lobby derived on the concept of boutique hotel lobbies in North America where notions of leisure, socializing, play and culinary expertise are offered.

Once past its black velvet rope, you find what appears to be a hotel lobby, complete with concierge, sink-into-over-stuffed plush white sofas and faux luggage.

Once past its black velvet rope, you find what appears to be a hotel lobby, complete with concierge, sink-into-over-stuffed plush white sofas and faux luggage.

Airy sheer curtains lead to a lower-profile dining area adorned in beige-on-beige. Fashion tip: Avoid wearing beige-brown unless you would like to gradually vanish into the background. Lower lobby, also known as the champagne room is complete with polished mirrors, dusky lighting and a serene surrounding.

Sure, Lobby is quite pricey, but isn’t that Scarlett Johansson, in town to film who knows what with her hairdresser dining at the next table? A-star names, attractive lobbyists and an indulgent menu. Did I mention, B.Y.O.W, short-form for Bring your own wine! At Lobby, the Chef uses the kitchen as its playing field where cooking is the most preferred sport. Suggested must-haves: Vine ripened tomato & buffalo mozzarella salad with aged balsamic & basil (13$) for appetizer while wild mushroom & truffle risotto with white asparagus & lemon thyme (24$) will satisfy the palate. A 38$ 10 oz. provimi veal tenderloin with truffle honey glaze and porcini is also put forward for consideration for any meat-goers. Now, for that sweet dish so many relish: Molecular creme brulee atop with strawberries and candied balsamic (11$).

Lobby has also been host to some reputable events such as The Endeavor Talent & Entertainment Weekly Party, MGM/Hotel Rwanda Party, Toronto International Film Festival Luncheon, Alfred Sung - Paradise Fragrance Launch, Lost in Translation (Sophia Coppola, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson)- Film Release Party, Holt Renfrew - Flick After Party and La Perla Lingerie Fashion Show.

Free-flowing spaces, chit-chat zones, an opulent menu and hotel lobby decor all offered at Lobby Lounge.


-Open for dinner - Tuesday through Saturday
-Lobby is open for Cocktail Hour from 5 - 7 pm, Tuesday - Friday.
-To find out more: 416.929.7169
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