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Clash Of The Titans
By: Jessica Grajczyk
Date: 2006-08-15 20:21:18
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Two DJs who have taken over the popular house scene in Vancouver and inspired a hurricane of
territorial pissings from here to PoCo ? SKILLA and Pufthemajik DJ - both with residencies at the city’s biggest club nights, go head to head at Crush Lounge Friday August 18th... who will be the victor?

Story behind the name SKILLA: "He’s got the skills and he’s a lady killa" - Big ’Los

Years behind the decks: 2 years

Specialty: House

Secret Weapon: Switch - A Bit Patchy ( Beatthiefs remix)

Mentor(s): SLOWDJS

Most memorable victory: was when I took out that stupid Numark mixer that was being used at this house party. That shit was bunk.. I threw it out the window and used my own mixer. Now, who’s the boss!?!?

Dream battle: I’ve recently had the pleasure of battling Ken from the eastcoastboogiemen and it proved to be a tag collaboration rather than a battle. Why make enemies? It was DOPE. I’m looking forward to Battling Puf though, it’ll be a true test and he’s got the turntablist tricks on point, but does he have what it takes to battle my FUNKCHUNK?

Two DJs who have taken over the popular house scene in Vancouver...go head to head at Crush Lounge

Fighting words: HEY PUF THE MAGIKDJ, you momma’s so wack, she picked out that DJ name for you. ;P

Wager: $5

Story behind the name Pufthemajik DJ: When I started playing records, I wanted to scratch sounds with no music, so I told my friends to hook me up with children’s records with narration on them. My one buddy gave me Pete’s Magic Dragon, which is Disney’s rendition of Puff the Magic Dragon. I made the dragon to DJ switch and have had the name ever since. I can’t change it: Grandmaster Flash gives me a shout out on video. I can’t. I just can’t.

Years behind the decks: 15 years and counting. I started off with vinyl, added CD’s, and now Serato too. I like every format, but for straight mixing, I love Pioneer CDJ’s. For scratching and stuff, obviously I prefer turntables.

Specialty: Music. Urban house I would suppose, but I love it all, I love rockin’ every type of crowd.

Secret Weapon: Furious K - Life’s Too Short. This track means the world to me, as it was introduced to my crew way back by Greg Walls (RIP), the man responsible for guiding my DJ career into house music.

Mentor: Grandmaster Flash

Most memorable victory: All the haters (basically every single DJ in Edmonton) started a rumor that I don’t do my own mash ups and that I pretend to scratch, but am really faking it over another CD. Years later, I was automatically entered into the DMC DJ competition by the founder himself after he watched me battle. I hear similar whispers hear about how I’m a top 40 DJ, and why would I get booked for Festivus. I laugh it off, show and prove.

Dream battle: Me against GodSKILLA. (really tho, us against who ever steps up!)

Fighting words: Punks are lucky that it’s me against Skilla, cuz if we tagged up against any 2 DJ’s ’round these parts, it wouldn’t even be a battle!

Wager: I’ll bet my entire record collection against a pair of Skilla’s freshies that I’ll walk away victorious.

Check these boys out at Crush Lounge (1180 Granville Street) Friday, August 18th. Get there early, this place fills up fast!
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