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Art, Sex & BBQ - with Montreals own RemX!!
By: Guy Gauthier
Date: 2006-09-28 04:25:12
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Digg! reddit Share on Facebook the summer has come to a close, and its time to put away the BBQ. But something that will make the ice melt is the work that Remy Audette (aka. RemX)is capable of delivering. Born in 1980 in the small town of Longueil, Quebec (just south of montreal) what started out as a basement hobby has taken him into the spotlight where hes been able to display his talent at big events such as the F1 in Montreal.

Hype1: When did you professionally start body painting?

RemX: I started in 1999 in the basement of my house in Longueuil, Quebec.

Hype1: Did the fascination with paint begin at an early age or was it something you discovered in your teenage years through school?

RemX: I’ve always been an artist?really involved with many artistic projects, but I started body painting when I was studying art in CEGEP. It was just for fun, not even for school work. Slowly I started painting in clubs and after hours and began with some models doing it for free or painting clubbers.

Hype1: Where did you get the idea from? Why people?

RemX: I saw a poster in a club that said that they were going to have a body painting night. I looked at it and thought to myself that I can do this, so I started like this with some lady friends that enjoyed giving their body to the science of body painting.

Hype1: What kind of girls do this modeling?

RemX: Strippers for the most part?but I have booked women in general and professional models. Not every model I have painted has been really professional, even if they call themselves professional. Just few of them are really made for working in this kind of modeling, it’s more than just about being pretty and having big boobs.

Hype1: What kind of paint do you use?

RemX: I prefer to use acrylic, but you can use latex paint.

Hype1: Is it more complicated to paint on flesh then on canvas?

RemX: Yes for sure, but it’s interactive, and for me when it was time to paint on a canvas, it never gave me too much inspiration.

it’s more than just about being pretty and having big boobs

Hype1: Inspiration and I guess motivation when your painting beautiful women. The model has to build some sort of a comfort level with you...what’s the longest you’ve taken for one of your art pieces?

RemX: It was 4 hours for a contest for only one model and it took place in a club. On some nights I could paint 4 models around 1.5 hours each plus painting the clients, so it makes it a pretty long night. It all depends on the contract.

Hype1: Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?

RemX: Everywhere! I want to be involved with fashion, photo shoots, shows, movies etc., worldwide.

Hype1: Are you currently traveling a lot?

RemX: No, I try hard to find some contracts outside. I was in Brazil for 3 months for New Years Eve and Carnival de Rio. I made some good contacts for next year to add body paint to the carnival and for parties there?people loved my book!

Hype1: That’s some good news...anywhere in particular you would like to go to?

RemX: Mexico(Cancun) seem to be really good for body painting, but India and Morocco have caught my attention, I love their culture and style.

Hype1: What is the trick to have this kind of job?

RemX: They look at me and the first thing they think is why him and not me??...but people just see the best part of the show, they’ve never been backstage, never been outside looking for new models in all agencies, gentlemen’s clubs, calling everyone you know because every other model has been booked 500$ a night for whatever event is taking place at that time.

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