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Lot 332
By: Josh Steven
Date: 2006-09-28 18:34:44
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Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

In the case of Lot 332, ask any regular and they would agree with that statement.

For the month of August, that was the case for the regulars and patrons at Lot 332. The place was closed "for renovations", but if you are a member of, we would like to think you have some understanding of the club industry and the city we live in.

Lot 332, opened in September of 2004 and instantly became a success in the Toronto nightlife.

Lot 332, opened in September of 2004 and instantly became a success in the Toronto nightlife. With its amazing decor, credible promotion teams, creative marketing and personable staff, the venue made a mark on the oversaturated street of Richmond Street West. Lot offered an upscale experience without the hassles and pretentiousness of other venues in the downtown area. This in turn, created a buzz which made Lot 332 one of top 5 upscale nightclubs in the city.

One of the key ingredients to the success of Lot 332 (and many other clubs in the city) is the fact the club was a "virgin" club, meaning that the place was a totally different business before it became Lot 332. Most people remember previous incarnations of clubs, so that is why it is so difficult for new owners to succeed when they take over existing clubs. People have long memories when it comes to clubs, so the owners of Lot 332 were wise to open their beautiful venue in a "virgin" area.

Tremendously, Lot 332’s original Thursday and Friday night parties are currently still operating at a great level of success. Park Thursdays and Fine Fridays will soon celebrate their 2 year anniversaries, which in this current day and age is unheard of. Most parties are lucky to last a year with the promoter/party/owner turnovers in this highly oversaturated party market. The club and the promoters deserve some credit for this success, as they clearly are a great fit for each other. As for the Saturday night party, the Saturdays have never been this busy in the 2 years of operation. For a club to increase business for a volume capacity and a bar sales aspect long after the club has been established is absolutely incredible.

And what happened in August??

Well, Lot 332 was out of action for the whole month for renovations.

Ask any club owner, and they will tell you it is difficult to retain your customers after a period of stoppage. When your die hard regulars realize they can live without their favourite club for a month, it becomes a problem. That’s why most renovations are known in the industry as club killers. Club regulars live 4-6 weeks without their favourite spot, find somewhere else to pass the time, check out the new renovations, say it’s not the same, and that is it for the newly renovated club. Luckily for Lot 332, the opposite effect occurred.

The renovations at Lot 332 took only a month and some of the key changes include: the old dance floor being replaced with a new tiled dance floor, the addition of more seating into the DSR room, the movement of the DJ booth in the DSR as well as the creation of a stage for the DJ equipment, and a general touch up to several areas of the club.

Lot was missed by the clubbing community of Toronto as the attendance and the buzz surrounding the place suggests. From the staggering lineups on Saturday nights, to the success and longevity of the Thursday and Friday night parties, Lot 332 was one of the clubs in recent memory that has opened successfully and continued to be a desired weekend destination. The Wednesday night party is extremely busy and very well looks like a Saturday night in terms of bar sales and patronage.

Needless to say, the clubbing community of Toronto is welcome to have Lot 332 back and in action.

Lot 332
332 Richmond St W
Downtown Toronto
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