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By: Oswald Jackson
Date: 2006-10-30 00:34:02
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PART A. Historical Questions

Hype1: Let’s start with Paris in your teenage days. You got into DJing at a very young age. What pushed you into DJing at that time?

David Guetta: I really don’t know actually, it’s very strange because now every teenager wants to become a DJ. But when I started it was really not a cool job to have. I was just passionate about music and had no background in the business. And also from the start I was always attracted to by the mixing, the technical side of DJing.

I still remember this night, again it was for 200 people and no one was famous then, there was DJ Gregory, Dimitri from Paris, Daft Punk and Cassius playing.

Hype1: Now let’s talk about Paris in the 1990’s. In the mid to late 90’s we saw this huge boom of talented house music DJ’s and producers emerging from Paris, such as Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Respect is Burning, Cassius, yourself, Bob Sinclar, Dimitri from Paris, etc. Can you tell us how that was like and why did so many artists from Paris get so big at the time?

David Guetta: The first French DJ that internationally opened the door was Laurent Garnier. Especially through England, and then I don’t know what happened really. It was really a magicial moment. To me, Daft Punk, they were really the ones pulling the train. It’s really funny, they were playing in my club in Paris, and there was the main room where I was playing, and I used to book them for this really small party with 200 people. And I still remember this night, again it was for 200 people and no one was famous then, there was DJ Gregory, Dimitri from Paris, Daft Punk and Cassius playing. Which is enough for a huge festival today, but at the time nobody knew them! There’s been a great buzz; it came from England, strangely, because we had a complex in France about the English (laughs). The success of Daft Punk came from England and then came back to France and it’s been huge and this opened the door for all of us.

PART B. International Questions.

Hype1: How is the scene in Paris now?

David Guetta: There’s a lot happening. What we have lost, and this is why I do F*** Me I’m Famous, sometimes, is a mix of people. Right now there’s some great clubs, DJ clubs, VIP clubs but extremely tight door, small clubs but limited to select people. Having that is pretty boring, so that’s why sometimes I do F*** Me I’m Famous at Queen to have all those different people. But the scene is very lively, there’s a lot of different clubs doing pretty good. Actually house music in general I think in Europe is a really good environment.

Hype1: How does playing to a Canadian crowd differ from playing to a European crowd?

David Guetta: I don’t feel that there’s a difference. I think there’s more difference when I play in United States. There is a kind of European vibe in Canada, and I love that. It’s a mixture of American culture and European culture, I think it’s great. But I really don’t feel a difference. I feel at home when I play here.

Hype1: You have the option of playing at many different clubs in Toronto, yet you keep coming back to Lot 332. What do you like about Lot 332 that keeps you playing at this venue?

David Guetta: Well to be honest, it’s mostly about the promoters that I am working with. They really started to book me when I was not so big yet, so I respect that. And I am grateful to them and they always took me to new places. And I always had a great time whenever I played there and I am happy with this. For me the promoter is very important for the success of the night. There’s a balance between the DJ and promoter. Even if you put the best DJ in the best space, but nobody works on the promotion it’s going to be a bad party. A lot of DJ’s forget that. I’ve been a promoter too, so I know how it works.
Hype1: We always hear about the Ibiza’s, New York’s, Miami’s, etc as huge party destinations. Based on your international travels, what are some cities that you feel are underrepresented in the global house music scene?

David Guetta: Every year people say Ibiza it’s not the same. But there’s nothing you can compare to Ibiza. So this is why it’s so strong. I think Barcelona is doing really amazing now, because Ibiza is so expensive, and some of the younger club kids can’t always afford it, so they go to Barcelona, and there’s a really great vibe there. A lot of people are talking about Croatia, but it’s not up there yet. The musical culture you can find in Ibiza is really unique.

PART C. F*** I’m Famous Questions.

Hype1: Your F*** Me I’m Famous concept is a branded party playing to impressive international crowds. The party won Standout Event WMC at the House Music Awards in 2005 and you won DJ of the year. What is about the concept that endears itself internationally?

David Guetta: What’s happening nowadays is taking in this piece of a fame obsession and it’s kind of a joke. At the same time, it is a glamorous party and we have some celebrities. We don’t want to take ourselves too seriously. All these pop star/reality shows its becoming nonsense. And even the superstar DJs is a bit too much. I think it’s too much sometimes. It’s great for me (laughs) I don’t complain. The celebrity star system is sometimes a bit ridiculous, and I think it’s good to take a piece of our own lifestyles.
Hype1: As a promoter and DJ to these FMIF events, which do you find more difficult; wowing the crowd and making them have a great time? Or filling the place to capacity, based on your marketing savvy?

David Guetta: To be a good promoter is definitely very difficult. It’s hard work, a lot of stress; I’ve done that for years. I started as a DJ, started to promote because it was the only way for me to play the music I wanted to at the time. Then I started DJing again. There’s no comparison. The difference is when I come as a DJ everyone takes care of me and everyone makes sure I am happy. When I am a promoter I have to take care of everyone and make sure they are happy. It’s very difficult.

PART D. Artist Influences.

Hype1: Who are some non electronic artists that have influenced your work?

David Guetta: Depeche Mode. Definitely. Prince. There’s many. Michael Jackson. A lot of early hip hops bands .The Arthur Baker productions. Early 80’s electronic, hip hop production.

Hype1: Which producers are you really itching to work with?

David Guetta: There’s a few. And we have been working on tracks on my new album with Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso. With Tocadisco. I have a few collaborations upcoming on my next album.

PART E. Personal Questions.

Hype1: How do you balance a marriage and a gruelling tour schedule?

David Guetta: (Laughs). It’s hard. It’s very hard. Now it’s better, because we used to own clubs in France and my wife couldn’t work tour with me. And now sometimes she comes with me, but it’s very difficult. Every successful DJ is having this type of couples issue because you are not in town, so it’s hard. But now it’s great because my wife is working with me developing F*** Me I’m Famous. We compliment each other.

Hype1: Say you are in a very nice restaurant. If you could only order one thing, what would it be?

David Guetta: Sirloin steak, that’s what I eat most of the time.

Hype1: HYPE1.Com thanks you for your time.

David Guetta: Thank you. Exclusive: Interview with David Guetta Exclusive: Interview with David Guetta Exclusive: Interview with David Guetta Exclusive: Interview with David Guetta Exclusive: Interview with David Guetta Exclusive: Interview with David Guetta
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