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A Halloween Night That Will Take Your Breath Away
Date: 2006-11-06 12:59:29
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This event was organised by a team of 10 students studying at UQAM. It was designed for a University course called: Special Events and Sponsorship in Public Relations.

People with this disease do not live long, approximately until the age of 40

It was semester work and an evaluation was given for the event and the documents made in relation to the event (for example; budget planning, sponsorship documents, and the success of the event). The teacher who has chosen to remain anonymous, was invited and attended to see the great work the students had accomplished. The students were to organize an event to raise funds for a good cause. The type of event and the cause to give the proceeds to was entirely up to them.

The money raised was for the incurable disease called Cystic Fibrosis (a genetic disease that touches the lungs and digestive systems). People with this disease do not live long, approximately until the age of 40 (people do not even get past childhood), and have a hard time digesting fats, and need a lung transplant later in life, a very big operation with a low percentage success rate. This cause was chosen because one of the event organizers (Caroline Gauthier)is suffering from this disease. The group of students are close and wanted to do something for her.

Most of the expenses were covered by local and national sponsors including Rona, Esso, Couche Tard, Club Voyages, le Skratch and Urban Montreal just to name a few. Sponsorships was the main goal for the university course. The teacher wanted the students to be pro-active and wanted this assignment to be more of a hands-on experience for them to really learn how difficult it can be to overcome all the obstacles faced with to bring people together at this kind of event.

Two bands were involved that performed at the ?Pub St. Paul? (Les Fripes and Resonance) who were friends of the organizers that wanted to help, without any retribution, except for a bit of visibility.
For most of the team (appropriately calling themselves, ?Les Productions Boo!?) a production company created especially for this event on Halloween, had very little experience of sponsorships and event organizing. Much was learned and thanks to the hard work by those involved, making the event a success.

Les Productions BOO!: Genevieve Beland, Genevieve Brecq, Sebastien Bruneau, Maxime Brunet, Magalie Couet-Lannes, Renaud Gagnon, Caroline Gauthier, Melanie Lessard, Melissa L’Italien, Veronique Pelletier

Written by: Renaud Gagnon

visit: Fondation L’Air D’Aller for more info.
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