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Hype Girl - CJ
By: Paul Tanaka
Date: 2006-12-09 21:33:06
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Model: CJ
Agency:Elmer Olsen Model Management

Height: 5’9
Waist: 25
Shoe: 9.5
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Bust: 34
Hips: 35.5
Dress: 4

Wardrobe: Fikus Clothing
Designers: Andrada & Alice
Hair: Natasha Titova
Make Up: Andrada

I was behind the lens with fashion model Caitlin Jackson (CJ), where she got personal with Hype 1. She let us in on some of her views about the modeling industry. As well as some little secrets we’re not suppose to know about. Today’s shoot is for Fikus Clothing. What do you think of the clothes?
CJ: I really liked the clothing, the dark style of clothing leaves much to the imagination. (the knives, the knives!!!) I am also very proud of Andrada and Alice for what they are accomplishing at their age. They are very talented young ladies. With the power of technology virtually any model can self promote them selves. Do you think this has made it easier or harder for yourself to find work?
CJ: I think it may affect me in certain areas, but I also think having an agency is a very fast self promoter, especially with a good agency that believes in you.

I think people will always have certain views on models regardless of how we act. The truth is we may be models but modeling is still a job. I’ve been told that you have done some modeling in Japan. Is modeling in Japan different than modeling in North America?
CJ: Yes. Modeling in Tokyo is very different than North America. In Tokyo you always have a driver who takes you to castings (because the city is just absolutely huge!) but in North America I find most girls have to find their way to their own castings. Also, almost every other model you meet is from a different country. I really loved meeting someone new and having the chance to ask "where are you from?". There are many differences but also many similarities, I suggest other models go to see for theme selves, they will not be disappointed. Was there anything that you took home with you from Japan?
CJ: When I was in Tokyo I practically had a new family there and coming home was more difficult than it was leaving. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to go overseas and meet tons of new people and experience a whole new life and culture on its own. Being in Tokyo made me a stronger individual, I had no idea how strong you had to be to live there for quite sometime, but in the end it was worth every second! How was your overall experience being a part of L’oreal Fashion Week?
CJ: I really love L’oreal Fashion Week. I love the rushes of people, the loud music, and being on that runway its just an adrenaline rush. I have only had a chance to do two fashion weeks but the experience has been amazing. What shows were you involved in during Fashion Week?
CJ: I got very lucky this season and I believe I ended up being booked for 9 shows. Do you prefer modeling on the runway or for print?
CJ: I enjoy doing print, but I love doing runway shows. I just love being dressed into others creations and showing off how great they look at the end of the runways. Is one harder than the other?
CJ: I think it depends. In both areas there is pressure but its up to how the model feels and how everyone around the model is making the atmosphere. If I have to do print around a group of people who don’t really make me feel comfortable then it will show in the pictures, the same goes for runway. Have you ever felt any pressure from family or friends not to be a model?
CJ: I am very fortunate because everyone who surrounds me is unbelievably supportive. Does it make you feel odd that you can do a shoot for a magazine and millions of people will be staring at your picture?
CJ: When I first started modeling it was so cool to see my pictures, but now when I see them I look at it in the sense as that is my job. ( but it will always be cool to see!!) If you weren’t modeling what do you think you would be doing now?
CJ: I really have no idea, I just kind of float to whatever comes my way. I’m guessing I’d be in school or just traveling to as many places as I possibly could, or I’d try my best to be in a band, I’ve always wanted to play in a band but I’m just not that gifted musically, but one day, one day!! A lot of models these days are doing the crossover from modeling to acting or singing, any interest in doing the same?
CJ: When I was in high school my favorite subject was drama. I loved acting on stage and I was considering going to school for it, but modeling came along so I’m going with this opportunity, but if I had the chance to act I would in one second. As for singing, let’s say I’ll work on it! Some models have been labeled with harsh stereo types such as heavy partiers, addicted to drugs and even a little ditsy. Have you been a victim to any of these stereo types?
CJ: It’s actually very funny you ask. I’m from a very small town and when I left for Tokyo I just left without really telling anyone. When I came back to Canada almost every rumour had went around about me, the best one I heard was that I was in rehab for a cigarette addiction. Hmmm a little odd to me, my how people can run wild with thier imaginations. How did you over come these stereo types?
CJ: I just never really listen to it. I figure most people just say things because they are very curious about what the truth actually is. I figure as long I as my loved ones know the truth that’s all that really matters. The recent media stir with Kate Moss and cocaine or Naomi Campbell attacking her help over a pair of you think this has tainted peoples views about models?
CJ: I think people will always have certain views on models regardless of how we act. The truth is we may be models but modeling is still a job, and its often just as mentally and physically strenuous than any other person’s job may be. Have you ever felt pressure to become skinnier or to look a certain way?
CJ: Of course, but that’s the industry. What are some tricks of the trade that models do to look better that people may not know about?
CJ: There are always tricks, but the easiest way is to eat sensibly, exercise regularly, sleep as much as possible, drink tons of water, and just be happy with yourself. What do you think makes a successful model?
CJ: I believe not only the look of a model makes them successful, but the models personality makes a huge impact. If you are not enjoyable to work with nobody will want to work with you. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing you more than once and what I like about you is how animated you become. You can switch instantly from happy, sad, scared, serious and even silly and sell it. Have you been taught this or does it come natural for you?
CJ: I was never taught, I think gradually as I have become more comfortable with the industry and know a bit more of what I’m doing, I have learned how to use those expressions to my advantage and sell sell sell!!! Haha! What’s the worst thing about being a model?
CJ: Sometimes I get frustrated with the industry and I lose my drive, but that’s when I remind myself that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and I should take full advantage of it. What’s the best thing about being a model?
CJ: The people I get to meet, the traveling, the opportunities, the jobs. I feel very fortunate to be modeling?a few years ago I would have never expected to see myself in magazines, traveling the world, or being interviewed by Mr. Paul Tanaka. I feel very fortunate that I have been given this chance, it feels great! This is your time to do some shameless promotions. Let everyone know of upcoming events that you’re involved with and where can people see more of your shots?
CJ: Hmm I will be in an upcoming issue of Chatelaine as well as Glow magazine. Anyone can see my portfolio as well as many other beautiful models at

Thanks for a memorable shoot and all your hard work.
I’d like to thank you Paul. You were very great to work with and I hope we can do so again in the future!! Take care :p Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls
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