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It's Voodoo, Mother Fooker!
By: Narvan Bouzari
Date: 2006-12-12 22:55:44
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A new shining star was revealed during this year’s Montreal Grand Prix weekend. No, it was not a new Formula 1 race car driver, or a new state-of-the-art car. It was the Dom Rebel clothing line, which exploded on the runaway to the tumultuous beats of Marilyn Manson and an array of boisterous male models.

The line itself came into being in 2003 as the pet project of engineering student Justin Svatina, who began making intricately designed T-shirts for himself and his friends in his home basement. In 2004, marketing student Don Nguyen joined the company under the role of sales and marketing director. Together, the two began promoting and selling their innovative brand of T-Shirts to several of Canada’s top retailers, such as StyleExchange, Aritmetik and Toxik.

From doing back flips to playing air guitar, and from giving the finger to frolicking with the crowd, every model was a show in and of itself.

The aesthetic aspect of the Dom Rebel line is only one part of what makes the garments so unique. In fact, in a society where the mass production of clothes has slowly turned us all into clones of one another, Dom Rebel offers a refreshing and much needed breath of individuality. Every t-shirt here is treated and combed by hand, and then dyed or faded separately in order to ensure that every piece constructed is different than the next one. Moreover, the production of each design is limited, and sold on a controlled basis to retailers, therefore further ensuring the originality of every single item. With t-shirts that are made from 100% ringspun cotton in an increasingly polyester-dominated industry, one cannot have any doubts that with Dom Rebel, it is quality all the way.

This fundamental notion of individuality and
transgressiveness was strikingly apparent in last night’s show at the Grand Prix Fashion week-end. The theme was set before the presentation even began, thanks to a graffitied backdrop that read "Devil Music" and a runway painted with human skeletons. The crowd was temporarily misguided when Johnny Cash’s upbeat anthem Ring of Fire began playing but, when after 1 minute the song exploded into a fury of hard rock music, we all knew we were in for a ride. Wearing a t-shirt with the studded face of the devil, distressed jeans, black rubber boots and a fierce in-your-face attitude, the first model strutted down the runway and quickly proved that this show was to be like no other. Attention was given to every single detail, as models were decorated from head to toe with extensive hair spray, dark sunglasses and black hockey tape covering their wrists and knuckles. A succession of models soon took up the stage, each adding their own take on the anarchic tone of the collection. From doing back flips to playing air guitar, and from giving the finger to frolicking with the crowd, every model was a show in and of itself. The t-shirts and zip-ups proved to be individual works of art, as they came in a vast array of colours such as emerald green, sky blue and pink, and displayed decorated skulls and various slogans as well as the famous Dom Rebel winged logo. Each was accompanied by a pair of faded jeans and long silver wallet chains.

The unveiling of the latest Dom Rebel collection confirmed the energy and creativity that is put into every one of their garments, and if "sex, rebellion and rock ’n’ roll" are the central ideas behind this company, then Justin and Don could not have done a better job at manifesting this alluring lifestyle.
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