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Fashion Prophet Discovered!
By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2006-12-22 19:39:27
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FASHIONIts only by accident that I heard about local Montreal designer Anya Taraboulsy’s trend insight. I caught whisperings of an artistic spirit who was somehow naming the fashion trend BEFORE it hit the street. My ears picked up immediately and I decided that I absolutely had to find this fashion Nostre Damas. It was a grueling search, through cries of "You just missed her" and snarls of "I don’t know what you’re talking about". Then, finally, a breakthrough. Yes, I found her. I not only got her on the phone, but I convinced her to share with me all her secret knowledge on what was coming in for 2007! I listened greedily and wrote everything down. I have to admit that I considered keeping this insider information to myself, and rocking these styles ahead of the pack, but in the end I generously decided to share them with our readers. Here it is, folks... what’s hot for the new year.

OVERALL: Two main era’s are being channeled: 1) Classic vintage inspired by the Victorian era (think Marie Antionette) and 2) tailored 1950’s styling, very Chanel inspired (think Jackie-O). Where last year’s looks were bohemian-esque thrown together, this year’s look is very put together.

This is not a fashion year for the faint of heart

FASHIONWhen it comes to colour, for neutrals, you’ll see black, white, and tons of vintage off white. Grey is the new "it" colour, and although tarnished metals and dark charcoals are en vogue, it is the palest opal grey that will be the real star. Barely there icy colours and palest tints are where it’s at, with a real return to blues. And, of course, there will always be a place for the brights, like mango, all the oranges, acid yellow-green, aqua and grape. As for prints, there’s going to be plaid, plaid everywhere.

This is the beginning of a lot of other big, geometric style prints, especially in bold black and white. There are no wimpy prints this year. Go big, go bold, go bad or go home. You have to be strong and confident in what you’re wearing. This is not a fashion year for the faint of heart.

TOPS: Vintage all the way. It ranges from the high necklines of ancient Scottish royalty roaming the moors to flowy, draping, Grecian styles. The tunic is also a must have this year. It’s come a long way from the pleated elementary school tunic that you played hopscotch in. This version is classy and sophisticated, with Chanel-inspired A-lines. Just a note for any of you younger readers, 80’s is NOT vintage! Not yet anyway, so don’t conjure visions of plastic bangles and neon clothing. Those are looks you should definitely stay away from for a good, long while.

PANTS: When it comes to pants, very full hips are way in. Its all about classic tailoring and emphasizing female figure. This can be seen in wide-legged trousers with an exaggerated hip, or the tried, tested and true cigarette pant. Caution, though, to women who already have full hips and don’t need the emphasizing. The more extreme of these styles are definitely reserved for the hipless (literally, not figuratively). Now, pants can mean anything from a full-leg cover to a booty short. Yes, booty shorts, even underwear style, are now accepted as a pant. Guys, I hear you cheering.

Just get out your drooling cloths and enjoy it while it lasts. As for jeans, they’re staying skinny, and the new twist is some rusching at the bottom, covering a little bit of the shoe, almost like a built in leg-warmer. Again, to wear tapered jeans, you must be petite. A nice boot cut is a stylish way for a curvier, voluptuous figure to achieve the same effect. You see, you already have the ultra-feminine shape... you don’t have to fake it.

SKIRTS: Like with pants, hips are hip. You’ll see volume in skirts this year, with the waistline dropping from empire down to the waist or even the lower hips. Picture the Jackie-O skirt that puffs out a little at the top, then drops down to a pencil skirt ending just above the knee. You don’t have to be a working girl to work it in a mini skirt this year. The skirt lengths to watch for range from the minniest of mini’s to right above the knee. Don’t even think about wearing a skirt that falls below the knee. It’s also below the fashion status quo.

ACCESSORIES: No more throwing every single piece of jewelry you have on top of your outfit, from chunky necklaces to rows and rows of bangles. Accessories for the upcoming seasons are spare and well-chosen. In fact, leave the chunky necklaces at home. Hair is becoming the accessory. Try vintage 50’s styles, big and a little messy, almost like they’ve actually traveled these 50 years, and got a messed up on the trip. One accessory that will be hot is the bow. It could be in the hair, at the waist or at the back of the neck. But clothes will often come with the bow already on them, so you won’t need to add your own. The real dressing strategy here is to keep accessories simple or non-existent. The clothes are so strong that you don’t want them competing for attention. For purses, the hobo is out, and oversize is still in, goings as big as shoulder to knee!

FOOTWEAR: So much shape-shifting is going on in shoes. You’re going to see all different forms and crazy shapes. The platform is getting a bit bigger in front, with the wedge out, and heels squaring and thickening up. The round toe is definitely losing steam, and the pointy toe is back, although its softened from the fierce witchy point of season’s past. Also, keep your eye out for ankle shoes. This boot-shoe hybrid is kicking it up a notch.

MENSWEAR: Colours and prints are similar to what’ll be in for women (plaid, black and white, grey and ices). The styles will be supertight and very metro or more wide-leg baggy (not thugged-out baggy, but not right up their business either). The murse (man+purse) will be seen everywhere. Since the cargo pant is out, ya gotta put your stuff somewhere, right? Gold sneakers are hot for 2007, with men blinging out the feet, and the hottest new shoe is the whitest of the white. The 25th anniversary Air Force One has limited availability, so if you’re the kind of guy who has to be right on point when it comes to your kicks, get your hands on a pair while you still can.

A final tip from the newly-found fashion prophet... Regardless of any trend, wear what fits your body and what you feel comfortable in. No matter what’s in style, you look best when you feel good in what you’re wearing. Now you’re savvy, so rock it.
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