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The Hair Report: Partygirl Do's
By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2006-12-27 09:55:34
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The Hair Report: Partygirl Do’s

Are you looking for pizazz? Want all heads to turn when you show up at the party? Well then you MUST, MUST, MUST take advantage of your crowning glory. The hair doesn’t just complete the outfit. It makes it! Here are four complete how-to’s that will absolutely knock their socks off...

My motto is: If you’re not going to create a spectacle, then why bother?

Just a tip before you try any of these. Hairspray. You need a really good one and you need to give a LIGHT spray after EVERY step. Little and often is the key. You spray too much at once and you have goop city... nobody wants to rewash and start over.
MOD glamour
1) PART: Divide the hair into front and back, and divide the back section into top and bottom.

2) PONYTAIL: Flat iron the bottom section and put it into a low ponytail, a little off to the side.

3) BOUFFANT: Barrel Curl the top (clip the ends with the iron and roll to the root) away from the face, so that it has LOTS of volume. Let it set.

Backcomb it at the roots, so it has even more crazy volume. Then, using a natural bristle brush, gently smooth the surface back (but keep the volume)and pin it on top of your ponytail.

4) SIDES: On the front, part the hair extremely far on the side. Neatly clip away the entire top section to be styled later. Backcomb the sides around the ponytail at the root only. Using a natural bristle brush, brush the sides back to the ponytail and pin them.

5) BANGS: Unclip the top section. Back comb the roots on the top of the head. Again using the natural bristle brush, smooth into a large sweep across the forehead. Pin, directing the pin under the hair toward the face.

6) COVER: Take a section of hair from the ponytail and wrap around the base, covering the elastic and pins. Pin it underneath, with the pin going upward along the scalp. Place a second pin in the same direction, but crossing the first one to secure it.

7) (optional) ACCESSORIZE: Put on a slick headband. Or go to a fabric store and find the perfect ribbon. Cut it to the size you need, put it in place and pin the ends underneath the ponytail.

CURLY dynamoThe
1) PREP: Wash hair and put in a gel mixed with a little conditioner. Diffuse hair upside down until completely dry.

2) PART: Gently divide off the top section including the bang, trying not to separate the curls.

3) PONYTAIL: Backcomb the crown at the roots only. Gently fingercomb the entire bottom section straight back into a ponytail. Pin it into the ponytail, under the hair toward face to secure it and keep the volume.

4) POMPADOUR: Backcomb the entire top section (except along the hairline) at the roots only. Gently fingercomb the top back to the ponytail, keeping the volume. Pin it in place with pins directed under the hair, toward the face.

5) POMPOM: Take individual curls and backcomb them at the roots. Pin any necessary pieces so that the curls make a nice pompom. Pins should again be directed under the hair toward the face. Spiral Curl (wrap ends around barrel, and then clip iron closed) the ends of the pompom.

6) ACCESSORIZE: When it comes to accessorizing this do, you can really go crazy! Go to a craft store for sparkly branches, feathers, fake flowers, anything that would look cool with your outfit. My motto is "If you’re not going to create a spectacle, then why bother?" Pin your chosen embellishments around the ponytail, with pins directed along the scalp toward the ponytail.

RETRO chic
1) PART: Separate off the bangs, and divide the rest of the hair into top and bottom.

2) PREP: Barrel Curl (clip the ends and roll to the roots) all the bottom hair flipping up, and all the top hair curling under to maximize the volume. Curl the bangs to the side. Let it set.

3) VOLUMIZE: Backcomb the crown area at the roots to create tons of volume. Using a natural bristle brush, gently smooth the surface back (keeping the volume) and brush out the curls.

4) ACCESSORIZE: Put on a wide headband or tie a scarf in a colour that looks awesome with your outfit.

TOO cute for words
1) PART: Divide hair into top and bottom.

2) PREP: Barrel Curl all the top hair (clip the ends and roll to the roots) back away from the face and let it set. While its setting, Spiral
Curl all the bottom hair (wrap ends around barrel, then clip iron closed).

3) VOLUMIZE: Take down all the top curls and fingercomb them out. Backcomb at the roots only, anywhere that needs a little extra volume.

4) BANGS: Grab a triangular bang section at the very front. Pinch and place it where you want it. To pin it in place, straddle the section with
the bobby pin and direct it under the hair toward the face. Secure with a second bobby pin also directed toward the face, but crossing over the first one.

5) TOUCH-UP: Arrange the curls around the face, and Spiral Curl where needed.

6) ACCESSORIZE: Find the perfect little broach or ribbon bow at a cheap accessories store. Place your accessory where you want it, and pin, again directing the pin toward the face. Pin again to secure it.

If you have any questions about your crazy party do, email me at and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.
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