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Viva Las Vegas
By: Jen Kruidbos
Date: 2007-01-05 10:27:29
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During the festive season we will be invited to an abundance of celebrations which can create immense pressure to feel happy. For some, this is unpleasant, especially, if one is already downhearted due to personal tragedy or the seemingly endless list of heart-wrenching news stories. This event is on another, more hopeful, list.
Thanks to the combined efforts of three contrasting groups who were brought together by their love of creating an engaging atmosphere, guests embraced the festivities at Moomba Supper Club Thursday, December 7th. The evening transformed the SupperClub into Las Vegas where the King himself made everyone feel a little all shook up.

The first group member I met was Montreal promoter Ibrahim Fateine, who threw his first party in Fes, Morocco when he was only fifteen years old. He was the first person in his city to create party flyers which he made by scribbling the party’s address and time onto sheets of paper which he distributed around the city. His calling was thus confirmed. "When I arrived one hour after the party had started, it was so packed I couldn’t even get it." Fateine, now 30, says proudly. This began his career and a lifestyle he loved. At 18 he moved to Russia ’because it was the easiest place to get a visa’ and continued the party circuit. After working in New York and Miami, he has settled in Montreal and has founded both Montreal’s Dream to Party Promotions Company and Montreal’s Reggae Festival. After traveling around the world, Fateine maintains that no city comes close to Montreal.

For a good time, Shake Rattle and Roll-in to Moomba Supper Club

Karin Arseneault was the most flexible member of the dream team. As a little girl she danced, but chose to pursue marketing in university as she had a keen business sense. After working a marketing job for one year post graduation she rediscovered her love of dance. "At 23 I started all over again," Arseneault says glowing. Using the contacts and skills she had acquired during her marketing job, she formed a mini circus group that performed at large corporate events and private parties -fulfilling her passions for both dance and business. Her motto and the name of her company is Carpe Diem, because "life is too short and I won’t be able to perform forever, so I may as well do what I love now.’ Her troupe trains occasionally with Cirque du Soleil. That evening, clad in skin-tight, white body suits, adorned with feathers and crystals, Arseneault and four other dancers flipped and did the splits while hanging from satin ropes and hula hoops. "I love my job,: said Arseneault, flushed and out of breath at the end of her performance, "I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Finally, the Moomba Supper Club duo that opens its doors, turns up the music and spreads the wealth: Naz Hafez and Jack Gaspo. Their goal is to make people happy and their words for life are: "Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll." Although a little dated, the message is classic, strong and clear. In the midst of a party society that operates on e-vites, text messaging and MySpace event invitations, their old-fashioned mentality is the secret to their success. Hafez affirms he has a good personal relationship with a portion of his customers, which he maintains by meeting with them during the week at their offices or out for lunch. This way he knows how to please them and keep them coming back. "I don’t do any drugs, and I barely drink" says Jack, "we encourage our guests to drink in moderation in order to keep the atmosphere positive." They often donate money raised at the door to charities relating to children or Global Warming. In the spirit of Viva Las Vegas the pair wore tuxedos and bowties to greet their guests. They were dressed to serve a spectacular evening and they did. The dance floor was packed with Elvis enthusiasts who relished in the impressionist’s near-flawless renditions of The King’s greatest hits, complete with the signature pelvis thrusts.
So why, you ask, should these people inspire us unenthused folk to toast happily at holiday parties? I’ll admit I harbor Grinch-like thoughts regarding this time of year, but can’t help but feel moved that this performer, promoter and manager do what they love, and exude, what Hafez might refer to as, positive vibrations as a result. They suggest that, despite the chaos in world, we have the potential to do what we love, which can make at least a handful of people happy. I just can’t help believin’ that it’s time to celebrate.

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  Viva Las Vegas
  Viva Las Vegas
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