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The new mashup sound
By: Josh Steven
Date: 2007-02-05 20:37:40
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The1. What is the difference between the clientele in Toronto clubs compared to Montreal clubs?

Montreal clubs stay open later and so people generally party that little bit harder and get a bit more drunk! Toronto crowds seem a bit more dressed up and Montreal people are a little more on the hipster/fashion tip.

2. What is it about the mash up style of music that seems so appealing to clubs these days? It seems like everyone is playing it and everyone is enjoying it.

We have been doing this mixed-bag form of DJing for years. And we have been blending records live and remixing tracks for years. Some really popular club Djs like DJ AM have done it well and helped to popularize mashups in mainstream crowds. Now, many clubs and DJs have adopted mash-up style music formats. This is great for us! We have been leading this charge in Canada and we are happy to see Djs being less close-minded about mixing up all kinds of party music.

Creative DJs like Z-Trip, DJ AM, Kid Koala, Jazzy Jeff, Crooklyn Clan, Q-Bert ...

We are known as mash-up party-rockers. But we always like to push the acceptable limits to what you can play in the club. The biggest remix we have done is with Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire. Tons of the big US DJs have been playing that track alot. A few years ago, no one was playing stuff like Johnny Cash. Now, clubgoers are getting a little less pretentious which is awesome for DJs- we can mix it up and try to bring a sense of humour to the game!

3. With the era of the internet and mp3s, do mix tapes still have viability in this day and age?

Our mixtapes are what has gained us a lot of our recognition in both Canada and the US. People buy our cds like crazy in all of the boutiques and indie record stores that carry them because our Cds are the only place to get our exclusive remixes! The whole DJ Drama arrest in the US is kind of scary for all of us mixtape DJs though.
4. Who are some DJs you look up to?

Creative DJs like Z-Trip, DJ AM, Kid Koala, Jazzy Jeff, Crooklyn Clan, Q-Bert -and we are influenced by all sorts of other great DJs and artists that we have had the chance to play live with on tour.

5. Name some Canadian Artists that you think will blow up in the near future.

Kardinal is about to do it stateside - he just signed with Akon. We are currently collaborating on a mixtape with him. Malicious is an artist from Montreal that is doing it big this year with some dope singles and videos out already. On the more indie scene, The Carps are really dope. Also, definitely look out for this duo from Toronto/Montreal called Thunderheist. They are bringing some dope electro/club beats with great raps - BANGIN!
6. What international cities have you played in and which cities are you looking forward to playing in one day?

We have played tons of cities: New York, LA, London. Shanghai was one of the craziest cities we’ve done. We are going back Asia again in May and are hoping to make it to Japan this time. We both really want to go to Dubai because it just seems crazy right now. The next 3 months we are busy with Canada/US club dates and some spring break parties in Cuba and The Dominican Republic.

7. Where can we get the best poutine in Montreal?

La Banquise on Rachel. Like 30 kinds of poutine and open til 5 or 6am

8. Anything you want to plug in this interview?

Check us out in T.O. at Lot 332 on Feb 9th and Revival for our monthly Shuffle Party on Feb 16!!!! - You can find here a list of the stores to buy our cds. Don’t sleep! thanks you for your time
  The new mashup sound
  The new mashup sound
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