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Hype Girl - Ashley Hart
By: Paul Tanaka
Date: 2007-02-27 04:55:14
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HypeModel: Ashley Hart
Model Management: Velocci Model Management

Height: 5’10 1/2
Bust: 32
Waist: 24
Hips: 35
Shoe: 10
Dress: 4
Hair: light brown
Eyes: blue

Wardrobe: Fieerce - 425 Queen ST W Toronto ON
Photographer: Paul Tanaka
Make Up & Hair: Katie Spencer
Style Coordinator: Katie Spencer

Singapore is one of my most favorite places I have traveled to so far. I really liked the fact that people were so friendly and polite. It felt like home to me.

I had the opportunity to shoot with fashion model Ashley Hart. Although she is rather new to the industry, she is traveling the world and showing everyone that she has what it takes to be a successful model. With modeling experience abroad, winning a model competition and being the cover shot for L’Oreal Fashion Week last October 2006, she has nothing to prove.

Today we shot with a clothing line that says it all. The model, the clothes, the weather and the photoshoot were all FIEERCE!

1) How did you get started in modeling?
A: I began modeling after I graduated High School. Near towards the end of graduation, I was in a hair salon and one of the hair dressers had recommended a lady in Barrie who dealt with modeling/acting. My mom and I met with this woman and she placed me in a modeling competition called CMTC (Canadian Model and Talent Search). From there I was placed in Toronto with Velocci Models in September of 2005.

2) What were some of your past travels?
My first travel was to New York last February. I signed with Trump Models and they insisted I come to New York. My second travel was to Milano where I signed with Why Not Model Agency. My third travel that I just got back from was Singapore, where I signed with Mannequin. I have also been traveling back and forth from Montreal, where I am represented by Montage.

3) How was your experience in Singapore?
A: Singapore is one of my most favorite places I have traveled to so far. I really liked the fact that people were so friendly and polite. It felt like home to me. It was the cleanest place I have ever been to. The streets were immaculate, the food was fantastic, and the weather was so unbelievably hot. I really enjoyed the 2 1/2 months of being there because I didn’t feel pressured or stressed out. It was very easy for me to find my way around and it also helped that English is their main language. I look forward to traveling back to Singapore in the near future.

4) How did you get around in a country that you did not speak the language?
A: When I was in Milano, I found it extremely difficult finding my way around. Trying to communicate with people who did not speak the same language as you, was a learning experience. There are only a few people who know how to speak English, who were mostly younger. It was a great learning experience for me because it gave me the opportunity to learn the important words in Italian. Within a week of being in Milano, I not only learned how to use the subway system and maps, but I was able to somewhat communicate and feel comfortable being in another country I was unfamiliar with.

5) What are some of your memorable Canadian events?
Some memorable events include the World Aids Benefit Concert, L’Oreal Fashion Week, Montreal Fashion Week and CMTC (Canadian Model & Talent Convention 2005).

6) I heard that you won CMTC. What was that like?
A: It was one of the best and most shocking experiences of my life. I went into the competition not knowing what to expect. I really didn’t expect anything to come out of it. But I was definitely proven wrong. At the awards ceremony, I ended up winning first place for all of the categories I was competing in, and one category winning second place. I won First place Runway, First place swimsuit, First place Cover, Second place photography, and Grand Overall Model of the year. I remember walking back and forth from the stage in shock. I couldn’t understand what was going on! My mom and I were just in tears because that was the night that all my questions had been answered. I knew that then and there, modeling was the career I was chosen to pursue.

7) L’Oreal Fashion Week is one on my favorite events to cover. How was your experience?
A: I always look forward to L’Oreal Fashion Week because I live for runway! When I am in town, I always make sure that I am available to do the shows. It keeps me somewhat grounded because it allows me to appreciate where I come from and it’s the time that I can give back everything that Toronto has given me. I think it is really important that models take the time out to support our Canadian designers.

8) What were you doing when you found out a picture of you walking down the runway, was chosen for L’oreal Fashion Week?
A: While I was in Singapore, Mario (my agent) had contacted me to let me know that my runway shot from the Andy The-An show was going to be used for L’Oreal Fashion Week. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited that I was going to be all over Toronto! I was also upset that I wasn’t there to be apart of fashion week. Not only would it have been great publicity for me, but it would have been an amazing experience to see my posters advertised everywhere (haha). But thanks to my agent, he was able to collect a couple for me! I now have one hung up on my bedroom wall!

9) What is your favorite city that you have traveled to?
A: New York is by far the best place I have been to so far. There is just something about that place that I just love. The city is always alive and busy. I guess it reflects the type of person I am. I’m planning on moving there one day. My plans are to be based out of New York hopefully in the next year or so.

10) Since you’re in front of the camera 24/7, do you hate getting your picture taken leisurely with friends and family?
A: I don’t mind getting my picture taken with friends and family. I think it is important to capture moments that you are with your loved ones because when you travel a lot, you don’t get to experience those moments as much as you would like to. There is nothing like a great picture of you and your friends and family. Those are my favorite pictures to take.

11) Because you are so busy with modeling, do you find it hard to keep in touch with family and friends?
A: When I am traveling, I always try to keep in touch as much as possible. At times I find it difficult because of the time differences. I also find there is not enough time in a day when I am working so much. As they say, "Time flies when you’re having fun." But I try to go to the internet cafe’s as much as I can to speak to friends, and I buy phone cards to keep in touch with my family, Especially my mom!

12) How has your model management helped you advance in your career?
A: My agency really devotes their time to furthering my career. They constantly work hard for me and I think that is very important when you are being represented by an agency. They really push me and promote me internationally which is amazing, and they have developed a strong network that works to push my career as well. It is really comforting knowing that I am being looked after 24/7. We have developed such a strong relationship. We are not only friends but it feels like family.

13) Being a model you’re always in front of cameras and being interviewed. Do you ever get nervous or feel pressured to always look good and say the right thing?
A: Communication is something that I have personally been working on. I would consider myself a very opinionated person so I do get nervous being interviewed, but I have learned to relax and think before speaking.

14) Who is one person that you haven’t had the opportunity to shoot with that you would like to?

A: If I could shoot with one person, then it would be the model that had inspired me to pursue modeling; Daria Werbowy.

15) What do you look forward to in 2007?
A: I am looking forward to traveling and experiencing new places around the world. I am hoping new doors and opportunities will come about this year that will further my career. I am looking forward to a fresh new start to a fresh new year!

Ashley, you overcame the -25C weather and shot it like a rock star! Thanks for giving Hype1 some great shots. Hype1 wishes you all the best in 2007.
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart  
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart
  Hype Girl Ashley Hart
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