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Miami Ink's Chris Nunez talks about Love Hate
By: Eleni Neo
Date: 2007-03-28 23:05:41
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MiamiChris Nunez may not consider himself a ladies man but his mesmerizing blue eyes will make you melt, making him "THE Ladies Man". Calm, collected, and secure about who he is, he gives hype1 an inside look into his down-to-earth and great personality, inviting us into LOVE HATE, his new bar with partner Ami James.

The bar is truly stunning. With great designs, inspired by both Chris and Ami, a lounge area with a nice set-up for bottle service and friendly people with no attitude, it’s a great hang out for people to enjoy and relax. CLICK HERE TO VIEW GALLERY

They bring heat to Miami and push Miami nightlife over the edge with LOVE HATE, a relaxed bar with great drinks located in South Beach at 423 Washington Ave. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the atmosphere. Music is great with hits from the 90’s, a little hip hop, rock and a mix of top 40. Both Ami and Chris look forward to seeing you there.

Chris Nunez brings Heat to Miami with his new bar LOVE HATE. Pushing Miami nightlife over the edge!

On behalf of Hype1 I would like to thank you for giving us this interview. I would like to start off talking to you about the art of tattooing.
Chris nodded his head in agreement.

MiamiEleni- As an artist, do you chose what tattoos you are going to do? Do you ever refuse someone because you don’t like what they want?

Chris - Um, on a normal day to day basis in the shop, of course, but for the show we don’t. Basically the customers come and are put through a casting...basically its about their stories and stuff like that because that’s what makes the show more sensationalized, that’s what the press wants to see, what the public wants to see.

Right- So on a personal level did you ever choose what you are going to tattoo or decline someone of anything?

Chris- Yeah, I always pick and choose my customers. I have been tattooing for almost 15 years so I had the luxury of deciding what I did or didn’t want to do, its kind of nice.

Eleni- Ok, what type of tattoos do you like to do the most? What’s your specialty when it comes to tattooing?

Chris- My style of tattooing has changed a lot because of the show... I have kind of simplified. So now with everything going on with the show, it’s really hard to get a private customer and do a sleeve or a back piece, because I just don’t have the time to put into it, so I think once the show is done I’ll be able to get back to what I used to do and that will be good but right now I work on just about anything.

Eleni- Tattoos have become more mainstream? Is that good thing or bad thing in your opinion as a tattoo artist?

MiamiChris- We have revolutionized the business as far as the show goes. I think that we have put an acceptance on tattooing but I have to say that I got a tattoo as a kid to be rebellious so I have kind of double edge sword myself in a sense. I used to like the old mystique of being low brow and everything. I liked when people would look at me and be like "that kid is all fucked up". Now everyone is saying,’Oh wow, that’s so great you are a tattoo artist’. In 15 years time, people’s concepts of tattooing has done a 360. It is kind of weird because it shows you how strange peoples values are... If something comes on TV its ok, but if it’s not on TV, it’s scummy?

Eleni- You are right, I totally agree with what you are saying. It’s amazing how many things are accepted because of the media.

Eleni-What is the most awkward tattoo you have ever had to do?

Chris- I don’t do awkward tattoos. If something makes me feel uncomfortable or it’s not something I stand for, I just don’t do it.

Eleni-OK What is the most awkward body part you have ever had to tattoo?

Chris- I have tattooed all body parts... I mean I don’t do genitals. I just don’t, I never have, I just turn them down, there is no point. I don’t give a shit how hot you are or whatever... if I want to see p***y, that’s not the way I want to see it. Lol

Eleni- lol, ok what’s your favorite part of the body to tattoo?
Chris- man or woman?

Eleni- lets start with woman

Chris- I like doing thing that really accentuate their body, so it’s not so much the placement. It all depends in the body. Each woman is like a different canvas, so I like to paint in a different spot on each person depending on what I think looks the best on them.

Eleni- ok how about on a man?
Chris- Arms
Chris- Ya, arms are my favorite thing to tattoo.
Eleni- Why is that?
Chris- They are the easiest.

Eleni- How many tattoos do you think you have done so far in your career?

Chris- Thousands and thousands and thousands, I have worked in such busy places that we would do 10 to 20 tattoos per day and do that for years at a time.

Eleni- What is the most touching or ridiculous story you have ever heard of or done a tattoo of?

Chris- I didn’t actually have the pleasure of doing the tattoo but the lady with the Virgin Mary burned into the grilled cheese... that’s straight up ridiculous. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound atheist but that’s how I feel.

Eleni- ok lets talk a little bit about your new bar love hate. Who designed it?

Chris- Basically the design came from Ami and I and we also had a couple of outside influences, some people gave us different perspectives but the theme came from us, most of the art direction came from us.

Eleni- What’s the inspiration behind love hate?

Chris- Well we wanted to make it kind of a club house, the kind of place we would like to hang out a place for ourselves, we go we kick back we have drinks and the name comes from the fact that you love what you do but some times you hate doing it.So totally a bitter sweet thing.

Eleni- So what type of crowd are you trying to attract?

Chris- I don’t have a stereotypical crowd, I want everybody to be able to experience it. It still remains a bar no matter how you dress it up, it is what it is. It’s not a chic establishment where you have a French guy at the door, that’s not going to let you in. At the same time, it’s not a place where you can come in and be a pig and be disrespectful... we are not going to tolerate that either.

Eleni- So there is no South Beach attitude?

Chris- South Beach is South Beach, but you know, we are street kids before we became tattoo artists. We were street kids and that’s kind of how we operate, we have not changed our mentality. We like people that dress right, and no rowdy people. All in all, it’s a hang out.

Eleni-Lets talk a little bit about the drinks you offer at love hate. One of them is the Nunez.

Chris- I have no comment about those... I have not even tried that drink yet. Eleni- Its very chocolaty? isn’t that how your personality is? Sweet?
Chris- No I am bitter sweet, I am love hate.

Eleni- ok there are a couple of drinks on there that I guessed who they would represent, one was called the panty dropper potion and the other one sergeant slaughter. I picked out the sergeant slaughter for Ami and the panty dropper potion for you. Am I right?

Chris- I am definitely flattered but it has nothing to do with the concept you have of me. I didn’t create the drink list. I would have made the Nunez a straight shot of tequila, or vodka on the rocks.

Eleni- I read some other interviews about you and they all say you are the ladies man. Is that what you are?

Chris- No, I am single, you know, I am a 34 year old bachelor.

Eleni- And how is that working out for you?

Chris- I love it. I like being on my own, to not have to answer to anybody. I like not to have to be the guy at the bar that’s miserable about having to go home to a bad situation. I have had relationships in my past and now I’m really happy to be single.

Eleni- So what kind of woman are you looking for?
Chris- I don’t have a stereotype.
Eleni- No? Not blond, brunette, tall or short?
Chris- No.

Eleni- How about personality?

Chris- I love to laugh, you know what I mean. For the most part, I am a pretty easy going guy. If I am going to have a girlfriend, I don’t want to argue with her like she is a man. Being respectful goes a long way. An educated woman is key. I find that sexy. I find that when a woman can come home and tell me about her day. I find that so much better than a girl that sits at home and watches soap operas and complains about her nail lady not being ready. There is nothing appealing about that. When a man has got a lot going on, he wants a woman with a lot going on. I don’t even care if she has a job... it’s just like, be a yoga instructor or read books all day. But when I get home have something to talk to me about.

Eleni- Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years?

Chris- I don’t know, all my doors are open right now. I am very grateful for everything I have, and I am trying to keep an open mind and open eye without getting a big head. I am just trying to keep myself grounded.

Eleni- What do you consider the highest achievement for a tattoo artist?

Chris- Well you take it to the next level, a tattoo artist may become a master painter, may go to college and become a lawyer a tattoo artist may just stay a tattoo artist and be the most amazing tattoo artist that he can be. There is no limit. Most ambitious people will never be totally happy because they always want to get to the next level. That’s what I think drives me.

Eleni- Are you happy?
Chris- I am not sure if I am happy. I’ll let you know in about a year.
Eleni-Ok, we will do this again in another year but for now Hype1 and I would like to thank you for this interview.
Chris- Thank you Hype1.
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate  
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate
  Miami INK Chris Nunez Love Hate
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