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Spynga - a love affair between cycling and yoga
Date: 2007-04-25 04:27:25
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By Denise Asuncion
Photo Credit Patrick Kerney

Spynga is not just another yoga studio. Newly opened and located in midtown Toronto, where the Annex meets Forest Hill, Spynga offers its clientele something unique and fresh that they cannot find anywhere else in the city. This new health sanctuary not only focuses on yoga but combines the ancient tradition with high speed cycling. It’s the first of its kind in Toronto.

Originality, it seems, has been at the core of this venture since its conception. Co-founders Sari Nisker and Casey Schacter have been life long friends. A few years back, they were both working in New York City. Sari was working in the corporate world and Casey working as an actor. Sari loved doing yoga and Casey had a passion for spinning. According to Sari, her yoga routine helped her "stay sane" in a chaotic city. One day, she and Casey were inspired by the idea to combine their fitness passions into a business. They decided to open a yoga and cycling studio of their very own. And so, Spynga was born.

Sari and Casey are not only the owners but also two of the instructors. Prior to opening Spynga, Sari had been working as a private and group instructor for the past 5 years in New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto. Casey also has a background in teaching, in 2001 she took a break from acting and began teaching children with special needs.

Spynga is an intimate but unmistakably stylish space with a lot of beautiful, natural light. It is made up of three components; a small retail lounge, three studios where classes are held, and two rooms for private massages. Workout studios are smaller than you would expect from a regular gym, giving Spynga a very intimate feel. During a brief tour we can see that there are only ten stationary bikes set up in one rather compact studio. Small classes will no doubt result in a more personal and sensitive experience where the emphasis will be on each individual.

Spynga clients have a variety of classes that they can choose from. The Spynga team offers separate yoga and cycling classes as well as a signature class that incorporate both. The yoga curriculum has been inspired by several traditions such as Anusara, Vinyasa, Hatha and Astanga to name just a few. In addition, Pilates classes are also offered and there are registered massage therapists on site to provide clients with a balanced holistic experience. Another element of Spynga that makes it so refreshingly different is that it offers yoga classes for kids ages 4 to 9. It also offers a prenatal yoga workshop and another for yoga beginners.

There are a lot of yoga studios in Toronto and as a result, a lot of competition in the industry. Today, yoga entrepreneurs need to find new ways to entice and excite their clientele. Sari and Casey have created something original and new that gives them that edge. By incorporating ancient and modern forms of fitness, Spynga challenges its clients to reach new heights of fitness and well-being.

Spynga is located at 1415 Bathurst St. (just south of St. Clair). For more information or to book a class please call 416.588.SPYN (7796)
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