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Hype1 visits MTV Live with Amy Winehouse, Dita Von Teese, K-OS, and The Fields
Date: 2007-05-17 18:30:12
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by Melissa Anfuso
Photo Credit: Darren Goldstein/MTV

MTV Canada was kicking it Hollywood style on Friday May 11th, opening their doors for the up and coming band the Fields, Queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese,
Canadian talent K-OS, and talented singer Amy Winehouse.

The Fields kicked off the show performing three songs from their debut album "Everything Last Winter". Everyone in the audience was hypnotized by the talent they saw on stage. The Fields who describe their music as rock, psychedelic and crunk took everyone by surprise. Judging on their amazing
performance this will not be the last we see of The Fields.

After a short break, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese made uber-famous by marrying and then divorcing Marilyn Manson, sat for a 10 minute question
and answer segment; where she seemed happy to answer whatever question was thrown her way. Dita shared her beauty secrets with the audience from what kind of lipstick she wears (Russian Red from MAC), to how to get your waist looking like it is 16 inches "invest in a really good and expensive corset and lay off junk food." Dita looked stunning wearing a skin tight black pencil skirt, a black super-hot corset, and of course the highest heels I have ever seen.
Many assume Dita is a "dark" person, she did marry Marilyn Manson and is usually seen exclusively dressing in black, however Dita is a breath of fresh air, very friendly and laid back, she was very happy and gracious to be surrounded by her fans.

Later followed the show stealer, the star all the people were waiting for! Britain’s hottest new superstar, Amy Winehouse, who has taken charge of the Billboard chart and came to Toronto to promote her new album, Back to Black.

Amy Winehouse came from a family of musicians and was discovered while in an amateur rap group called Sweet and Sour. She grew up listening to a diverse range of music and has named some of her music influences to be Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, NAS and the Beastie Boys amongst others. Amy is known not only for her 50’s inspired music but also for the coverage of her weird, wild antics and in your face personality by tabloids and gossip magazines world wide.
Her style was definitely present for the small, interactive question and answer segment hosted by K-OS and MTV VJ, Aliya Jasmin. The interview started out a little rocky when a question about media and Amy’s rumored drinking problems came up. Amy immediately shot back with her British accent, "What does drinking have to do with anything". K-OS being a huge fan of Amy’s and probably feeling the tension in the room, cut in telling the audience that it doesn’t matter what she does in her personal life, her music is inspiring and she is an extremely talented artist.

Amy seemed to shift off topic when asked any question. The one question she was happy to answer without leaving the audience wondering was "why she had pin up girls tattooed on her body?" she simply answered, "I like pretty girls." There really wasn’t enough time to touch base on what truly amazing music Amy has released for the world to hear. Her life experiences have obviously helped her write beautiful lyrics and her courage to make music that is not considered ’the norm’ has inspired many other artists and fans to be their own person.
This was Amy’s first time at MTV Canada and she definitely made an impression. Her crazy wardrobe, hairstyle and the way she dances to the beat of her own drum made me realize that she is who she is and that is what makes her music very unique.
Amy Winehouse is one of a kind. Although her behavior is questionable her music is a breath of fresh air and her CD, Back to Black has already proven to be a success.
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