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Ten Top Tips for Finding Your Dream Job
Date: 2007-06-06 13:33:01
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TenBy: Carrie Rowan -

1. Making a GREAT impression with your resume
Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes each day and some companies have software that receives your resume and filters and saves it without human involvement. When your resume is just one of so many, it is imperative that this first step on the job-seeking path be executed perfectly! First of all, NO SPELLING ERRORS. This is resume suicide. Cover letters addressed to the wrong company or titled dear SIRS, can offend even the most open minded HR professional. Either customize your resume fully or make it very general and professionally simple. Most importantly, make an impression! Why should a recruiter open your resume? Titles like ’Your Dream Employee’ will definitely help!

2. Voicemail Messages - Professional Please!
There is nothing wrong with putting your favourite rapper on your voicemail. That is unless you are providing that number to potential employers on your resume! Make sure that your voicemail message is the ideal first impression of your professional edge. "I have heard it all", says Julie Pickering of the Absolute Operations Team. "Loud music that goes on forever, Bart Simpson voices, swearing and street slang!" Take a listen to your voicemail and ensure it makes the ideal impression to your future boss.

There is nothing worse than the limp, wet hand shake. Nothing!!

3. Email Correspondence For Winners
While having an email address like might work for your dating life, it isn’t the best first impression to make to your future employer! Think about setting up a work email account that you use exclusively for your employment correspondence. "Some of the best candidates have email addresses like," says Christa Harbridge, Senior Account Manager at Absolute Vancouver. "These touches show me that the candidate is serious about finding a real career role and encourage me to call that candidate first."
Make sure your correspondence is always professional. Avoid the short forms you would use when text messaging and keep away from those little smiley faces!

4. FOCUS - Don’t apply everywhere!
Employers and Recruiters love enthusiasm, however it is important that you are careful not to waste their time by applying to every job they have advertised. "Sometimes people are just too excited, I think," remarks Alicia Kalozdi MacMillan, one of Absolute Recruitment’s Senior Account managers. "I will see one candidate’s resume in my inbox 15 or 20 times in one day, applying to every job they can find from forklift driver to sales manager!"
Being willing to do ’anything’ is not a selling point in the professional world! Try to show that you have a career focus. This will help your recruiter to connect you with the roles that you are really interested in.

When you are job seeking you never know who has the power to help you in your search for the ideal opportunity! In many companies, the receptionist has an incredible amount of power. "Our clients often have their receptionist report back on how friendly the candidate was while in the waiting room," notes Harbridge. "The receptionist is often able to give insight into how quickly the candidate completed the application process, how much direction they needed, how personable and polite they were during the waiting period, as well as if they let down their professional front at any time."
Make sure that whatever they are seeing, it is always your best side.

6. BE PREPARED: Resume and Business Attire
"When I am looking to hire, those candidates who come prepared, have read about my firm and know what value they can add to the company will always make the right impression." Says Absolute Recruitment President, Carrie Rowan.
When you arrive for any interview ensure you have a fresh copy of your resume in hand (several copies is even smarter). Dress to impress! There is never an excuse for coming to an interview looking sloppy or apologizing for your appearance. And do your research! So many interviews bomb because the candidate failed to research the company. The Internet makes it so easy to do your homework prior to the interview and to pick up a few tidbits to impress your interviewer. Being prepared is the key to making to a GREAT impression.

7. The golden HAND SHAKE
There is nothing worse than the limp, wet hand shake. Nothing!! Wash your hands right before your interview, take some nice deep breaths to avoid sweaty palms and shake the hand firmly and with conviction.
"If you do not believe in yourself it comes across in your handshake", says Rowan, "and if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, why should your future employer?
Practice makes perfect - shake your friend’s hands till you drive them crazy. Bottom line, a wet, limp handshake equals no new job, PERIOD.

8. OVERFAMILIARITY- be careful with being casual
Showing your friendly and enthusiastic side to an employer is good but walking around like you own the place is bad! Never pace about the office, touch things that are not yours or ask inappropriate questions about internal documentation etc. "When a recruiter welcomes you to their office, you are a guest," remarks Pickering "touching and reading things that are confidential, even unintentionally, can turn a recruiter off immediately."
While waiting for your interview it is best to sit quietly and politely and to wait until you are called. Enjoy the silence, and focus on the successful interview you are about to complete.

Be aware of any smells that you carry with you into the interview arena. Overwhelming perfume or your Caesar salad lunch will never make the best professional impression. Be cautious with the food you eat, the cigarettes you smoke and be aware of your perspiration levels on a warm day. Come prepared with enough time to freshen up in the washroom before the interview so that you are ready to go with confidence. A mint before your interview may help too!

Not just first impressions count! A well-timed and appropriate follow up can be the difference between success and failure for many new graduates. Recent graduates are marketed on their potential, as much as their experience. "Some interviewers may find it hard to choose between two grads with similar experience. A good follow up can plant you firmly in the mind of the employer as having the right attitude for the job by showing just how eager, professional and qualified you are." Says Rowan, "email is the best way, and keep it brief. Just express your enthusiasm for the company and the role. Recruiters don’t want to be stalked, but they do like to know that you are really keen. It does encourage them to think of you when it comes to decision making time."

Good luck. Your dream job is out there?

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