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Fergie Heats up Toronto during MMVA Weekend
Date: 2007-06-26 20:08:08
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HYPE1 MMVA Weekend Coverage - Friday June 15th
By Melissa Anfuso

In town for the Much Music Video Awards, Fergie heated up the Kool Haus Friday night for a very intimate solo show. Announced only a few weeks ago, doors opened at 7:00 p.m. with a surprisingly sparse line up. With Fergie’s solo effort "The Dutchess" selling over 2 million copies to date and being certified platinum, you would expect to see a mob form outside the Kool Haus. Fergie who has sold out arenas as part of her long time group The Black Eyed Peas, filled up about half of the Kool Haus with the majority of the audience being teen girls.

Despite the small crowd Fergie put on an amazing show, making three wardrobe changes and performing songs off her solo album as well as Black Eyed Peas hits, including "My humps" and "Let’s Get it Started." She showed off her vocal abilities covering Heart’s "Barracuda" and her own version of Amy Winehouse’s "Rehab."
Fergie got personal with the audience speaking about her past drug problems, calling them demons, as she introduced personal songs that reminded her of those horrible days. A seasoned performer, her voice sounded beautiful live and she really knew how to shake it on stage. The fans definitely seemed to be enjoying her stage presence with boys drooling over her and young girls mimicking every dance move, while everyone sang along to the more popular songs.

Following her pre-MMVA performance Fergie dashed over to the popular King West Supper Club, Brant House, where "The Glamorous Party" was taking place in her honor. The line up at Brant House was huge, with people hoping to get in and catch a glimpse of The Dutchess herself. Before her arrival celebrities such as Jarvis Church from The Philosopher Kings, Miss Universe Canada Inga Skaya, and the cast of Degrassi walked the red carpet. Once inside, the celebrities (excluding the guest of honor) casually strolled along as if they were like everyone else.

Inside the club patrons were trying anything and everything to access the roped off VIP section making up some of the strangest stories ever heard, thinking they might have a chance of partying side-by-side with Fergie. Unfortunately for them security was very tight and if you didn’t have a wrist band you were not getting in the VIP.
Fergie made it to the club around 12:30 a.m. escorted by personal security keeping her safe, as adoring fans followed her on the way to the VIP area. As she was being escorted through the venue the DJ played her hit song "London Bridge" and if you are not familiar with the song, the lyrics are as follows; "When I come to the club step aside. Part the seas don’t be having me in line. VIP cause you know I gotta shine." It was genius of the DJ and people seemed to be amused. Now unless you were one of the lucky ones behind the velvet ropes you really weren’t able to see Fergie too much after that, but for the devote fans that came to catch a glimpse of the superstar their wishes came true.

Brant House definitely threw a fantastic red carpet party and although Fergie’s concert was not as big of an event as expected, Torontonians really showed their love for Fergie at the After Party.
  Fergie performing live at Kool Haus
  Fergie on the Red Carpet Brant House
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