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Adventures of the MMVA Pre-Parties
Date: 2007-06-27 00:47:06
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HYPE1 MMVA Weekend Coverage - Saturday June 16th
By Melissa Anfuso

MMVA weekend was booming with celebrities. Saturday night saw two star-studded events at Muzik and Inside Nightclub. Hype1 was there to bring you all the details.

The First stop was at Muzik for the Grand Opening of their brand new outdoor patio "The Muzik Garden." Muzik, being one of the hottest clubs at the moment, was even busier than usual with a line up of beautiful people surrounding the historic building. People knew if there were celebrities in town for the MMVAs many would be at the gorgeous nightclub that night, and they were right. MMVA nominees and presenters such as Nickelback, Belly, Hedley, and George were seen, along with an appearance by Melinda Clarke.

Stepping into the lavish club is like entering an exotic fairytale, at first glance you see two beautiful girls hanging from swings that are hung like chandeliers from the ceiling, swaying back and forth and performing unbelievable stunts. Patrons inside watched in awe at the entertainment that normally isn’t reserved for Toronto’s downtown nightclubs. Like the sophisticated club, the patio is a large open space featuring a garden theme with luxe couches and a fully-stocked bar in the center. It’s definitely the place to be on a warm summer night.

As always the security and staff were courteous and accommodating, very refreshing for an upscale venue catering to a more mature crowd. After a tour of the venue and a few cocktails we were ready to head to our next destination.

The next stop was at Inside Nightclub and KAI for Tara Reid’s "Glamourama" party. Now, I couldn’t think of a better celebrity to throw a party than the ultimate party girl herself, Tara Reid. Once inside the club, we excitedly made our way to the VIP where we spotted Tara with friends.
The American Pie star looked hot in tight fitting jeans and an off-the-shoulder peasant style top, her blond hair in a side pony tail and her striking blue eyes. Surprisingly, Tara wasn’t living up to her well known and documented "party girl" image as she pleasantly sat in her VIP booth the entire night sipping on Grey Goose, seeming to have more interest in her Side Kick (phone device). I really was expecting to see Tara dancing on tables and taking body shots, instead she seemed to be enjoying a chilled night out with friends.

Everyone in the club seemed to be partying harder than usual because Tara Reid was around, the bar was packed and the music had everyone dancing until the lights came on!

Overall, Tara Reid and Inside threw an amazing party filled with great music and beautiful people. It would’ve been fun to see the side of Tara she has grown to be famous for; perhaps her wild and crazy partying days have come and gone? I guess only time will tell that answer. Tara really did seem to be more mature and responsible, I believe as she grows older she is sincerely trying to show the public who she has become and who she wants to be.
  Tara Reid at Inside Nightclub
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