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Hype1 goes to the MMVAs
Date: 2007-07-09 17:00:22
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By Melissa Anfuso

HYPE1 MMVA Weekend Coverage - Sunday June 17th

This year’s 18th Annual Much Music Video Awards definitely did not disappoint. As thousands of fans filled the streets surrounding the Much Music headquarters, artists such as Fergie, Hilary Duff, Maroon Five, and Avril Lavigne strutted down the Red Carpet.

FergieFergie kicked off the evening with a spectacular melody of her hit songs "Big Girls Don’t Cry" and "Fergalicious," the latter landing her the MMVA for Best International Video that night.

Hype1 had full access to the star-studded evening enabling us to give you a behind the scenes look into what really goes on off-stage during the MMVAs. The awards show basically took over the Much Music headquarters featuring four large stages (one on the roof of the building) for performances and presenters; a media room, where stars were scheduled to take photos and answer various questions from selected media; a VIP party room, where VIP guests and media could grab a bite to eat, mingle and enjoy a cocktail; and finally the gift lounge or as I like to call it the "swag room" which is full of FREE gifts for the presenters and performers, basically a "thank you" for attending the awards show. The selection of gifts in the "swag room" included Mavi Jeans, Xbox 360’s, Fossil Watches, Guess Shoes, Ray-Ban and Vogue Eyewear and so much more. Each Celeb was assigned an assistant with a suitcase to follow them around, collecting all the goodies they picked out. With all of the action going on we definitely had to stay on our toes, running back and forth between rooms trying not to miss anything.

There were so many artists in the gift lounge and we were lucky enough to bump into a few and ask some questions. We ran into Deryck Whibley, the lead singer from Sum 41, asking him what advice he had for kids looking to make it in today’s extremely competitive music industry. Deryck stated that he was unsure of what it takes now "definitely a lot of hard work and determination, nothing comes easy." I wanted to know if he knew he would be famous when he first started out and he said he knew "100 percent" he would make it big one day. Deryck was at the MMVAs as a presenter and also had the chance to introduce his wife’s performance, screaming out to the crowd "Give it up for Mrs. Whibley." Deryck was such a pleasure to meet and surprisingly very down to earth. Deryck left the gift lounge with an XBOX 360, amongst other items.

ChrisChris Bosh, one of the Toronto Raptors best players, who comes in at 6 feet 10 inches was very amused when I asked him if he was interested in short or tall girls? Chris chuckled as he answered, "From my history short girls." He was very polite and his friends that were with him were extremely funny and down to earth, walking around the media area and cracking jokes with everyone.

Next I ran into teen heart throb George, who was recently signed by HC Entertainment Group (owned and run by Howie D from Backstreet Boys fame.) Most of the media seemed to focus on his ties with Howie and their relationship. George mentioned that a Japanese record is in the making. When the topic switched to Toronto’s nightlife, George exclaimed that Toronto really offers first class nightlife and entertainment, not forgetting to mention that "Toronto’s women are beautiful." George visited Muzik Night Club the night before and had a great time, he thought the venue was beautiful and really enjoyed the patio. George was heading to Ultra Supper Club after the MMVAs and seemed really excited to be part of the amazing awards show.

Perez Hilton, the man who makes all his readers feel like they have an inside scoop on celeb dirt, was also a guest at the MMVAs. Perez, going for shock appeal, was wearing what looked to be a blanket over his shoulders. Standing in the swag room, Perez seemed happy to answer questions. Perez said he loves Canada and Toronto so much because of the people and how friendly they are; he really loves visiting the city. Perez was going to party at Ultra Supper Club after the awards show and perhaps make an appearance at one of the other after parties.

There was much commotion going on right beside Perez, people were snapping photos like crazy. As I got a closer look I noticed a very good looking guy and realized it was Ottawa Senators goalie, Ray Emery. Ray doesn’t really fit the description of a hockey player; he was definitely the best dressed guy at the awards show, wearing a white embroidered blazer and just the right amount of bling. Ray definitely knows how to carry himself and must make all the women around him fall in love. Not sure if Ray Emery has a special someone but he did pick up some sexy Cosabella Lingerie in the gift lounge.

Outside, the party was even hotter with amazing performances. Including the first time rooftop performance by Finger Eleven followed by fireworks that lit up the sky of downtown Toronto. A little drama when Joss Stone poked fun at Perez Hilton, and of course what would an awards show be without a diva moment, Avril Lavigne was so touched when she won Best Canadian Artist that she actually broke out it tears. Some of the other winners of the night were Belly for best rap video and Sam Roberts for Best post production of Bridge to Nowhere. The crowd got louder and louder as the night went on and the celebrities fed off the huge amount of energy surrounding Much Music headquarters.

Back in the media room stars were scheduled to come at specific times to have their picture taken and answer a few questions, however nothing was running on schedule and some stars didn’t make it to the media lounge at all that night. I did get to catch Hedley, winner of best pop video, and Maroon 5. Maroon 5 were getting grilled with questions by the media and one that seemed to irritate the head singer, Adam Levine, was when he was asked about his sexual preference. Adam replied "I like girls."

Much Music really pulled off an excellent awards show with so many stars, great performances, fireworks, and thousands of fans in attendance. Many of the celebrities mentioned that this is one of their favorite awards shows because it’s like a big party, laid back and so interactive with the fans. I am so happy to have experienced it first hand; the MMVAs is definitely one of the biggest parties of the year in Toronto. Each year the event gets bigger and better, who knows what the 2008 MMVAs will bring us? Hype1 can’t wait.
  Fergie at the MMVAs
  Chris Bosh at the MMVAs
  Perez Hilton at the MMVAs
  Hilary Duff at the MMVAs  
  Maroon 5 at the MMVAs
  Maroon 5 at the MMVAs
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