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By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2007-12-16 15:36:42
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NEWNew Year’s Eve is one of those nights when you really want to get that wow factor. Here’s how.

Guys, let me give you just one piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to wear a suit. It’s a huge attraction for women. So sharp. And manly. Maybe your crowd doesn’t usually dress up like that to go out. Well then, this is your golden opportunity. You can rock the suit and nobody will bat an eye. Do it. If you’re single, I guarantee you an increase in attention from the ladies. It’s just hot.

This is your night to celebrate. To shine. Here are some tips on what to wear, your hair, accessories, and what to bring.

Now, Ladies, there are two major factors you need to consider when putting yourself together for New Years:

1)This party is loooong. It’s not your average couple hours out at the club. You put a lot into getting ready, you put a lot into getting there, and you probably paid a lot for your ticket, so you’re going to want to get your time and money’s worth and party all night. Even if you don’t end up partying ’till sunrise, wouldn’t you like your getup to give you the option?

2)There are going to be lots of pictures taken. Many of them won’t be on your camera, so it’s not like you can delete them if you don’t like them. You should look your absolute best from beginning to end of this often-marathon party. You want take all the measures you can to make sure you look picture perfect the whole night through.
This is your night to celebrate. To shine. Here are some tips on what to wear, your hair, accessories, and what to bring. Follow them to ring in the New Year in with star style!


When it comes to dress selection, you really need to think about what is going to best flatter your figure. A classic New Year’s dressing mistake is skin overkill. When it’s about the cleavage, the legs and the butt all at the same time, this just confuses the eye and makes you look trashy. If you want to look super-hot, you must learn to focus. Choose one feature you want to show off and let the other features have their 15 minutes of fame another time. Your body type should really determine the shape of your dress.

BROAD SHOULDERS: If you have broad shoulders, don’t go for a straight tube dress or little spaghetti straps. The fragility of the straps and strong horizontal neckline of the tube will emphasize the shoulders, making them look all that much bigger. Unless you want the linebacker look, go for a V-neckline and straps that are in proportion (a little thicker).

CURVY: If you’re really curvy, look for something that cinches at your natural waistline, emphasizing the smallest part of your body. The new silhouette that puffs at the waist and goes in at the hips will do you wrong in every way possible. You want something that will show off your hourglass figure.

BOYISH: Girls with a flatter figure should definitely consider rocking the new silhouette. You can do it with confidence and it looks very model-esque. What you need to avoid is dresses that really focus on the chest area because, quite frankly, you’re not going to fill it out. A cowl neck is very flattering on you.
SMALL: Vertically challenged girls must avoid wearing floor-length gowns like the plague. They will take over. Remember, you wear the dress. Don’t let it wear you.

THE PANTS OPTION: Finally, don’t get stuck inside the box of thinking that you must wear a dress. Pants can look just as fabulous, especially if they’re in a rich fabric and paired with a sexy top. In most cases, they’re also more comfortable. You have a lot of options when it comes to your pant choices this year. You could go wide leg, skinny, or even palazzo. Just dress any of them up with lots of sparkle and you’ll be modern and gorgeous.

WHAT COLOUR? When choosing a colour, metallics are the be all and end all for New Year’s gear. Silver, gold, bronze. They all work, just not together. You have to be careful when accessorizing metallic garments. Try to avoid mixing metals. And mixing different shades of the same metal (like orange-gold and green-gold) can be, well, hideous.

Bright colours will light you up and make you stand out in those photographs. A plumy purple is really in this year. And highly pigmented colours like coral and turquoise will flatter almost any skintone.
And then, of course, there’s always the classic little black dress. I’ll be honest with you, it won’t stand out as much in the photos and it might not be a showstopper. But it does have its advantages. The slimming effects are undeniable and you’ll be able to wear it again and again. And if you get creative with your accessories, you just might be able to stop a show or two after all.

COAT: As far as I’m concerned, the warmer, the better. The warmer the overcoat is, the sexier the dress underneath can be without causing you undue discomfort from the cold. Look for features like full length and a hood.

GLOVES: Long gloves are always, always fabulous. And New Year’s Eve is definitely one night when you can rock them. Now, you’re pretty much guaranteed that you won’t be still wearing them by the end of the night. They’ll probably have long since been relegated to your handbag or flung on some table when you were swept off to dance, but they will certainly make an impact in those pictures from the beginning of the night, giving you an air of class and supreme elegance. Tip: bracelets or a chunky ring look fantastic over gloves.

JEWELRY: Wait to select your jewelry until after you’ve chosen your outfit. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and decide which areas need a little jazzing up. Simplify it to one piece per area. Sparkly chandelier earrings and a big flashy necklace shouldn’t be worn together. In the same vein, don’t do a whole bunch of bracelets and a flashy belt. You must be selective and streamlined for maximum visual impact.

SHOES: Footwear is always a big dilemma in situations like this. Style or comfort? That is the crux. Of course on New Year’s Eve, you want to look the epidemy of style, and so you may lean toward uber-sexy stilettos. On the other hand, you want to have fun, and for most of us that means dancing all night, not getting stuck sitting down with sore feet. Unless you want to end up dancing barefoot, you might choose a more comfortable pair of shoes. If you’re parking nearby or have a gigantic purse, you could always bring a spare pair. The choice is up to you. One last thing about shoes... Open-toes in winter? Only if you hold style infinitely above comfort on your priority list. Personally, I do not recommend them.

When considering what to do with your hair, remember first and foremost that it is going to go through the works at this party. This hair has to stand up to the test of time, the test of dancing, the test of sweating, and who knows what else. If you just flat iron it, it will be wiggly by the end of the night. If you just volumize it, it will most likely be flat by night’s end. Here is a party when hairspray and pins are your friends. I would definitely consider getting a professional updo. That doesn’t mean getting a prom style. Most with-it hairstylists have an arsenal of modern party styles up their sleeves. Once it’s up, you can forget about it, and it will look just as fabulous leaving the party in the wee hours New Year’s Day as it did when you walked in the night before. Last year!

Get creative and scope out your local crafts store for something fun and glorious to accessorize your hair with. Flowers, feathers, jewels, whatever. Pick something to set off your outfit and plant them in your hair or wear them as a crown. Be original and you’ll reap the complements. You’ll hit the mark by going completely over the top. You won’t have people giving you a funny look because it’s too much. What, are you going to look too fabulous? Not possible.

Any girl that goes to a New Year’s Party without her kit is jumping into 2008 without a parachute. You need lipstick for retouches, pressed powder or blotting sheets for shine reduction. If your hair’s up, you definitely want to bring along some extra bobby pins, and throw in a few hair elastics too. You never know when you might need them. And if you don’t, most likely you’ll end up rescuing some poor girl who forgot hers. You get to be a hero! Unless you’re a hairspray addict, you probably don’t need to bring hairspray along with you for the party. The idea is that it sets the hair before you go out, so you really should not have to reapply. I’m sure you are already thinking of a few other clever things to pack in your bag. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your camera. Make sure the battery’s charged! Happy New Year!
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