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By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2007-12-16 16:06:06
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10Newsflash! Meteorologists claim that this will be the coldest winter in recent history. Does this mean that our style will be lost under wraps? Our lips will be covered in chaps? The cold will turn our mood to craps? It could happen. But not if you follow these tips on staying cozy and chic when temperatures drop.

It’s okay to look a little bit like a muppet, just not full on Elmo

1)COATS, COATS, COATS: There is no winter investment like a fabulous coat. Grab one in a bright colour and you’re fashionable every time you put it on, which is going to be a lot. So take some time, invest a little more, and make sure you get the perfect one. Trust me, you’re going to get your money’s worth. And when coat shopping, never underestimate the value of the hood. It blocks out that bitter, bitter wind like a scarf and toque never could. Of course, you should also have a pair of gloves stuffed in the pocket, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. I say, just get as many gorgeous pairs in as many different colours as you can. Because cold hands suck.
2)SCARF IS THE NEW NECKLACE: When winter dressing, shift your thinking a little and instead of going for a necklace to complement your outfit, look to warm and wooly neckwear. It looks super-cute with a sweater and provides much-needed additional warmth, especially around chilly offices.

3)ARMWARMERS, LEGWARMERS & BOOTWARMERS: Ranging from little cuffs to full length tubes, armwarmers and legwarmers are both fashionable and functional. Try the classic knit variety or newer furry ones. Think it’s ridiculous to go that one step further and have a warmer for your boots? Not when you live in Canada. These things are practically a necessity. And when you slip on a pair, you instantly become fashion forward, to boot!

4)SOUL SURVIVAL: When you absolutely have to cross the street and there is no place in that puddle that is close enough to bridge in one step, you’ll be thanking yourself for wearing the platforms. Best to stay above that slushy mess and avoid the day-long miserable soaker. Give yourself a little leg up and go with a lot of soul.
5)HEADGEAR: Earmuffs are always adorable, especially the really fluffy kind. Just avoid bright neon colours. This sassy accessory is about texture, so you don’t want the colour to compete. It’s okay to look a little bit like a muppet, just not full on Elmo. And what can I say about hats? Hats are where it’s at. Knit berets, pageboys, superlong toques, there are so many different kinds. Find the right style for you and rock it out. After all, most of your body warmth is lost through your head, so put a lid on it.

6)LAYERING IT ON THICK: Layering knits is a big trend right now, and for good reason. Layering different shapes and shades of fine knits is warmer and more figure-flattering than going with just one big chunky one. Tights are also every girl’s best friend when it comes to fighting the cold. They create an insulating layer of air between the legs and the fabric, and that little layer makes a big difference. I pray that we will never again see miniskirted young girls with bare legs in winter. Talk about suffering for nothing! It’s just not sexy. It’s silly. Here’s another idea: Try putting a little dress over a fitted sweater and jeans. Throw on a pair of armwarmers and you are cozy fashionista of the day.

7)BEAT THE BOOGER: Always remember to carry some Kleenex with you. Because we all know too well that when the cold hits, noses be runnin’. Help fight crime against fashion and do your part to save sleeves from snot-drenched crustiness. Please.

8)THE EYES HAVE IT: Avoid any chance of snowblindness and roll like a rockstar with a pair of shades. If you want to avoid facial frostbite, plastic frames are a better way to go than cold-condunctive metal. I also advise that if you wear mascara, switch to a waterproof version for the winter. When your eyelashes catch snowflakes or when it’s really frigid and your eyelashes freeze (we’ve all been there), it’s just not pretty when you come into the warmth and your mascara has melted into black cheek streaks.

9)LIP SERVICE: Nobody wants chapped lips. They hurt, lipstick sticks in the cracks, and you just can’t seem to stop nibbling on that dry, peeling skin. Worst of all, they aren’t kissable. Chapped lips should definitely be avoided at all costs. If your lips are in need of serious help, diligently applying lip balm might not be enough. Try putting some polysporin on them before bed. Just remember not to lick your lips or drink water after you’ve got it on. Blech! A less bitter option would be Vaseline. The next morning your lips should be well on the way to healed and ready for another day in the cold.

10)SAVING FACE: Now’s the time to treat yourself to ultra-moisturizing facial masks. Winter is extremely harsh on your skin, especially the sensitive skin on your face. It’s crying out for nourishment, so answer that cry. And get the glow you’ve been looking for. One last tip is to keep a pack of those little blotting papers on hand. Because when you come inside, your nose might be a little red, and the last thing you want is for it to be shiny and red. Rudolf be gone. Give the nose, the chin, the forehead and even the cheeks a little pat and you will be camera-ready for those holiday pics.
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