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By: Amy Arnott
Date: 2008-02-05 23:49:15
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THEFlowers are a classic. They are the gift that men use to woo women in the beginning of a relationship and women wish their men would bring them when the honeymoon stage is long over. Quite simply, they work. They are universally well-received. By giving a women flowers, you are basically letting her know that, to you, she is a beautiful, delicate flower. It doesn’t matter how overdone it is, it can never hurt your relationship to give the floral gift. I’m sure you’ve noticed that flower prices are hiked about four times their usual before Valentine’s Day. This is especially true of the cheesiest of the cheese, most played out of the played, red rose. Women still appreciate that this unoriginal gift because they know that you’ve spent a pretty penny on it. But why not save a few bucks and actually get a flower that requires an ounce of thought? Taking the time to figure out what her favourite flower is and going with that will NOT go unnoticed. Major brownie points. If you’re not sure, try tulips, lilies or gerber diaisies. Just stay away from carnations. And NEVER top it off with a little baby’s breath. If you haven’t received the memo, consider this your official notice: BABY’S BREATH IS OVER.

Sure, chocolate is fattening, but by giving it to her, you’re saying you don’t think she has to worry about that.

Chocolate is another Valentine’s classic. Not as universal as flowers, but pretty close. For many women these little bundles of sweetness are nearly as pleasure-giving as sex. For some, more! Sure, chocolate is fattening, but by giving it to her, you’re saying you don’t think she has to worry about that. The one thing you do have to be careful of is, especially since it’s a pretty cheap gift, you have to go high end. Lindt, Godiva, Laura Secord, your favourite little chocolate shop’s homemade truffles - go for something sweet and special. A snickers bar doesn’t cut it.

Yes, its obvious, but we women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE jewelry. Always a romantic gift, it lets a woman know that you really care about her. In the case of necklaces and rings, it also comes with the added perk of marking your territory and telling the world she’s taken, while making her happy at the same time. Again, the concept holds that giving her something beautiful says she’s your beautiful, sparkling jewel, making her feel feminine and desirable. Now that doesn’t mean that she’ll be happy with any bling or bauble you might happen across. You must be a little savvy and have a good head for your girl’s style. Try keeping an eye on her when she’s around jewelry and seeing what she ogles. Or better yet, bring her friend along with you when you’re shopping. Just don’t try to "fake" her out. A woman knows good jewelry when she sees it and those who don’t know how to go see an appraiser. You don’t have to get the most expensive stuff, just don’t make any pretenses. The old "Tiffany’s box switch" doesn’t fly anymore.

The popularity among women of this extremely cost-efficient gift is due to the fact that most men have a big problem expressing their feelings. By putting it down on paper, you are giving her hard evidence of how you feel, something that most women will cherish. This gift is most well-received from men who rarely coddle and complement their women. The whole idea is the element of surprise. If you’re usually a sap and shower her with lovey one-liners, she won’t give a hoot for a sappy card, but if you are like most men and have trouble committing or giving a direct complement, try it. She’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just be forewarned, you’re also giving her ammunition to use against you one day down the road if your relationship ever goes sour.

A popular Valentine’s gift through the ages, lingerie is also very tricky. It can be a successful gift - sexy, and fun for both of you. If done properly, it can lead to some post-present-opening nookie. However, if done wrong, you can end up making your girl feel bad and you’re worse off than you started. First and foremost, you MUST select the right size. If its too big, you’re telling her you think she’s fat. If its too small, she’s going to feel fat when she squeezes into and bulges out of it. Inconspicuously check the labels on her current undergarments to suss out what to get. That will also avoid the impossible guessing game with the sales girl ("she’s about this big"). The next factor to consider is style. NEWSFLASH: Men’s taste in lingerie differs from women’s!!! Some general rules of thumb - avoid the red and black lace combo, anything crotchless, and anything with feathers. If that’s really what your Valentine’s date goes for, chances are the only gift she’d like from you at the end of the night will be cold, hard cash on the nightstand.

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