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Carlo Lio La Familia residency launch at Stereo Montreal
By: Oswald Jackson
Date: 2011-02-03 03:08:29
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CarloCarlo Lio residency launch - Friday February 4th, 2011 La Familia @ Stereo Nightclub, Montreal, Quebec, 858 Sainte Catherine East W/The Junkies and Nathan Barato

Tickets available at,$20, 1am to 10am

Interview with The Junkies, (Local Music, Toronto)

This is your first time playing at Stereo. What does this gig mean to you?
It’s one of the highlights of our career so far. It’s coming full circle for us, partying there back in the day and wishing we could play on that amazing soundsystem. Stereo is a landmark venue and anyone who gets to experience it is truly blessed. Big thank you to Carlo Lio, Maher Daniel, Tommy and the whole Stereo crew for having us, La Familia is coming!

For those that have never visited Stereo, how would you describe the Stereo experience?

They captured the essence of afterhours. You could move Stereo anywhere in Europe and it would fit perfectly.

The Stereo experience is a warm welcoming environment. First thing that comes to mind is family. As well, the amazing decor, sound and lighting capture what afterhours should be. It’s something that needs to be experienced in person.

Who are some of your favourite Montreal DJs/producers?
Maher Daniel is producing amazing music and has carved out a great name for himself locally and internationally. He’s someone that helped put the Montreal sound back on the map. Hakiem Guelmi is another young DJ that we played with, his sets have been stellar and he throws some great parties.

What are some of your favourite places to eat/hang when you are in Montreal?
St-Hubert and Schwartz Deli of course!!!

What’s on tap for Local Music in 2011?
Our next release is from our very good friend Massimo Girardi featuring a remix by newcomer Clio. We also have original tracks and remixes from artists such as Santos, Carlo Lio, Leland McWilliams, Sante plus many more and we’ll make our debut on the label in 2011. We plan on hosting events that will be featuring artists from the label later this year. A lot is going on so stay tuned!

Interview with Carlo Lio, (Rawthenic, Toronto)

Can you tell us what made you commit to a residency at Stereo?
Stereo’s one of the best afterhours I’ve been to, and it was Stereo’s "family" environment that sold me. I can’t begin to explain how comfortable I feel when I am there, not only as a DJ but as a patron. They have done a brilliant job at Stereo and I’m excited to be a part of it.

You last played Stereo with Dubfire in April 2010, Dubfire had high praise on Twitter after the gig, can you describe this memorable night?
What a turning point, I was totally blown away! I had an amazing set that was well received from the enthusiastic Montreal crowd. Everything was perfect;
the sound, crowd, staff. The night couldn’t have gone better. There was a ton of excitement for Dubfire, of course, and he rocked it, a 6 hour set says it all. You never want to stop when you’re at Stereo. We left a great mark that night.
You’ve played many afterhours internationally, what makes playing at Stereo so special?
I’ve played many countries and afterhours, but 99% of the time there’s always something about a club that could be different or better. Stereo is that
remaining 1% where it’s difficult to find something to critique. The one thing that sets Stereo apart is the sound. It’s absolutely incredible. Everywhere should sound like Stereo. You can tell how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears have been put into it. They captured the essence of afterhours. You could move Stereo anywhere in Europe and it would fit perfectly.

What is the concept behind the "La Familia" residency at Stereo?
The concept is simple. It’s playing with guests I love and feel close to, on a personal and influential level. Talents that helped mould me into the artist I am today. I consider these people family and for this we present "La Familia"

What are the plans for Rawthentic Music in 2011?
I am shaping Rawthentic’s sound, going after the artists that represent my vision. The quality of releases constantly improves and we’re trying to push the new breed of producers. There are some Rawthentic parties coming in the near future. So keep an eye out :) I stay true to my roots and love that Rawthentic has become an internationally recognized underground label, and I plan to keep it that way.

OJ on behalf of
  Carlo Lio La Familia residency launch at Stereo
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