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Dvbbs at Nashville North Easter Long Weekend Presented by Ship Show

Venue:  Nashville North

Event Day:   Sunday Apr 20, 2014

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Music:   House,


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  For the 2nd time Nashville North hosts Electric Stampede2 – Easter Edition

Georgetown, ON country bar Nashville North has now made its mark on the EDM community. Sure everyone knows it for its twanging tunes… but now, every long weekend, line dancing turns into fist pumping, plaid turn into kandi and the daisy dukes, well they can stay. This Easter long weekend April 20th, get ready for a Tsunami and Stampede all in one with the massive sounds from Dvbbs as they roll through with Dj Jelo and Ryan Shepherd, presented by Ship Show.
Nashville North’s first ever Electric Stampede was crazy! This one is sure to be even crazier, with Dvbbs recent collaboration alongside Tony Junior “Immortal”, Jelo’s tour with Savant, it’s no longer taboo to click your cowboy boots together to pulsing synths and beats.
Dvbbs is on a record High over the past year with songs as Tsunami, Stampede, Raveology, to name a few coming from venues in the UK, Mexico, Vegas, Miami, and now Georgetown has the honour to host the dynamic duo.
Jelo will be taking a quick stop over to Nashville North in between his tour with Dub Sensation Savant. Jelo’s distinct sounds and ability to entrap the crowd with every beat will completely shock his guaranteed new and younger fans and bring an expected delight with his followers. Two of his most listened to tracks are “the reward is cheese” remixed with Deadmau5 and “Donkey Punch” remixed with Haitras.
Check out Dvbbs “aftermath” video in Barrie at Sound Empire and get to party like you never have at Nashville North this Easter Long Weekend. Be sure to bring those daisy dukes and Kandi for this one!

Dvbbs at Nashville North Easter Long Weekend Presented by Ship Show

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