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Username:  hyperkandygirl User is Online
Age:  29

Country:  USA
Province:  Florida
Location:  Miami

Looking For:  Friendship
Status:  Committed
Zodiac Sign:  SCORPIO October 23-November 21

Height:  Average
Figure:  Petite
Hair:  Red
Eye:  Other

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  About Me 
I am Proof that anything is possible.
I live a Neon High Life.
Bass is my life support.
Never pull the plug bitches.
I am artificial and Natural.
I am the leaves and plastic.
I believe in lungs, you should too.
I love my dreamlife.
The only time you are even awake is with the aid of forgien chemicals,
Or severe self disipline,
Or if you wake while you dream.
Look at me closely, and you will see my destiny.
  Mt Hobbies 
Serial Killers, Fairy Tales, Photography, Bass, Art, Psychology, Music, Meditation, Enlightenment, Neon, Glowing things, Sparkling things, Ultra Music Festival, Raves, Vintage and retro clothing and lifestyle, Art supplies, Intelligent conversation, Spiritual conversations and expirences, Challenging authority, Absorbtion.
Favorite Clubs: Any club where a good artist is playing
Favorite Music: Rock -Urban - Jungle & Drum'n'Bass -
Favorite Cities: New York
Favorite TV Shows: Fuck tv
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Quote: I am become death. I am the destroyer of worlds.
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